Truly Madly Deeply

Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply is the one that I have been listening to on a loop since today morning. I now, like this song so much that I couldn’t resist writing this one-line post. 😛

6 thoughts on “Truly Madly Deeply

  1. benly

    Savage Garden/Darren Hayes used to be my fav once up on a time, along with Ronan Keating. This post reminds me of school/college days and how times change. 🙂

  2. Benly

    Savage Garden : Crash n’ Burn, The animal song, I knew i loved you, To the moon and back, Santa monica, Two beds and a coffee machine

    Darren Hayes : California, I miss you, so beautiful, Insatiable, Hero, Crush, Strange relationship, I can’t ever get enough of you

    Boyzone : All that i need, Baby can i hold, A Differet beat, everyday i love you, I love the way you love me, Isn’t it a wonder, Love me for a reason, No matter what, Picture of you, Words, Father and son, Key to my life, so good

    Ronan Keating : When you say nothing at all, If tomorrow never comes, I love it when we do, The long goodbye, My one thing thats real, We’ve got tonight, Iris, Loving each day, Life is a rollercoaster, This is your song, The way you make me feel, This is promise you, Lost for words

    😀 thats a lot of songs. Infact you can listen to all of their albums. They are nice. Just that they are a way bit mushy for me now. And i hope you already know that Darren Hayes was the lead singer of Savage Garden and Ronan was the lead of Boyzone.

  3. sangs

    @Aparna : oh yea,was my fav too long time back when I used to listen to eng only the tamil n hindi happening. The only two english songs on my playlist now are White Flag by Dido and Wait a minute by Pussycat dolls.Try them.Didos got a super rich voice !

    @benly:hi,isn’t there a “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias ??? Theres one by Darren Hayes too ??

  4. Aparna

    This is really a very small list! 😛 God knows when I will get the time to listen to these songs!

    Shall check out those songs sometime.


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