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Here’s a post that had been lying half-written in the drafts for more than a week now. I thought I would post it anyway now. I am really becoming lazier by the day!

Every time I am stuck in a traffic jam and see an ambulance stuck in the traffic, it really pains my heart. I know I have written about this earlier but I couldn’t help writing it again when my Mom told me that somebody’s relative who had suffered a heart attack, passed away on the way to the hospital since the ambulance could not reach the hospital on time, thanks to the traffic jam and diversions! How sad! This happened on the day when there was a heavy traffic in many places because of Vijayakanth addressing his party workers or whatever.

As if that traffic jam wasn’t enough, there was heavy traffic jam all through the city on the Friday before Diwali, thanks to the human chain. Add to it the heavy rain. That is the worst-ever traffic jam that I have seen till date.

Stuck in a jam near NIFT for more than 20 minutes and finally reaching L.B.Road after another 20 minutes only to find a never-ending line of vehicles caught in the traffic jam there, bus being diverted from L.B.Road to some road on the left which I had never taken before thereby leaving me clueless as to where the bus was going!, travelling inch by inch through Indira Nagar, Shastri Nagar, etc. and reaching the signal near Adyar bus stand/Ambika Appalam Depot a good 40 minutes later!, this is one traffic jam that I will never forget. Surprisingly, there were very only a few vehicles on the road from there till Adyar Bridge. But again there was a heavy traffic jam and I finally got down from the bus and walked home since I couldn’t sit inside the bus any longer. I got down from the bus since my house was just some 30 min walk away from there. But what about the others whose houses are far away? A friend was telling that it was 12:30 am or so by the time a bus that was in the traffic jam near NIFT at 5:45 pm or so, reached Avadi!

Would an ambulance with a patient have been able to reach the hospital on time or would an ambulance have reached the patient’s place on time when there is a traffic jam like this everywhere in the city?? I wonder what happiness politicians get in causing inconvenience to the public. It’s high time they started having their meetings, protests, etc. on days and at places which causes the least inconvenience to public!

8 thoughts on “Traffic jam

  1. Ashwin

    I strongly second you on this. I have seen many times an Ambulance stuck in traffic. Worse even, I have seen some Bus drivers and Autos racing with an Ambulance…

    An awareness among Drivers and Traffic cops is also essential…

  2. Prasad

    yea as ashwin says i hav seen ppl racin wit the anbulance!!! WAT IDIOTS!!

    nd man tht gapten meetin did it for me too!!! from adyar bus depot to koturpuram signal took me abt a hour and half!

  3. Meira

    Weird how people don’t realize at times that it could be one of us in the ambulance any day…fighting for our lives…and probably stuck in the same jams!
    Nice post

  4. PrasadC

    I was in b’lore and the problem is even worse there. You don’t need politicians there to cause jams, they just happen because the city just can’t support so many vehicles and add to that inept traffic management.

    helicopter seems a good idea in fact i heard of a proposal in infy that would arrange helicopter for visiting foreign clients to get around b’lore. but it must be a very expensive proposition for most people.

  5. Aparna

    That’s easier said than done!

    Oh yeah that’s so irritating!

    Yup. Senseless idiots they are!

    Welcome to my blog! So true!

    Thank you

    Same thing happens here too. But the ‘pre-planned’ traffic jam irritates me even more!

  6. Krishna Kumar.S


    Nice post. What do you say is right, it’s always tough to see ambulances trailing back. On that day, I was suppose to do railfanning, but later I erased my thoughts and stayed back home. It was only later, I got the information of the traffic jam. This was during the human chain.

    On the day of party meeting, I cancelled my plans for going out(another time:). Later, I heard from my friends that traffic was out of control.

    -Krishna Kumar.S


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