Top 5 Current Favourite Songs

Songs that I have been repeatedly listening to in the past few weeks:

Akkadannu Naanga from Indian

This one tops the list of my current favourites. For the past couple of weeks or so, I have been listening to it at least 2-3 times a day. The interlude at 2.06 minutes is driving me crazy. It makes you go wow! Listen to it here:


I remember reading somewhere that the beat of this song is similar to some other song. But, who cares about all that. This song is sure to get you energized after a tiring day. I sometimes feel even Rahman hasn’t come out with a song that can beat the energy levels of this one!

Gaayathi Vanamali by T M Krishna

TMK has rendered this one in a slow tempo. I love his voice in this song. This song lasts for a little more than 7 minutes and 7 minutes of bliss it is listening to this song! 🙂 This is part of the album released by Sringeri Mutt recently that has the kritis of Sadasiva Brahmendra rendered by T M Krishna and Sangeetha Sivakumar (some are duets too).

Tu Achcha Lagta Hai from Nayak

If you thought no song can replace Azhagana Ratshasiye in the same situation, then, think again. If Azhagana ratshasiye was a Carnatic-based song, then Tu Achcha Lagta Hai is somewhat a folk song kind with nice beats in the background throughout the song. I love Hariharan’s humming before staring the song and yet another wonderful humming after which he sings the lines kabhi lage morni si, kabhi lage chorni si. Though I initially felt Kavitha Krishnamurthy to not be the right choice for this song, I don’t feel so anymore.

Dheemi Dheemi from 1947 Earth

Yet another song made all the more pleasing to the ears by Hariharan’s voice. The way the song starts and ends with humming by Hariharan with soft beats in the background, the music at the end of each line starting from the line woh chali hawa to the line tere jism ka ehsaas hai, (I love the pause suggested by the music being played only at the end of continuously sung lines, i.e., the music that comes after the lines tu jo paas hai mujhe pyaas hai and tere jism ka ehsaas hai, again comes only at the end of the line tu jo paas hai when it is sung a second time after these lines are sung continuously and ended with tu jo paas hai), the line ‘Dil ki dhadkan bhi mere seene mein ladkadaati hai’ – when each of these parts alone sound so nice, imagine how the whole lot of wonderful pieces of music put together sounds! 🙂

En mael vizhundha from May madham

This one has been my favourite from May madham since the beginning. I am now listening to songs in my mobile in as usual, random order! I had typed most part of this post yesterday and just as I was about to start writing about this song today, it started playing! 😀 I am listening to it in repeat mode now. 🙂 The lyrics, the music, the singers’ voice, the singers giving the appropriate feel to the lyrics – I love everything about this song.

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Current Favourite Songs

  1. Mahesh

    Gayathi Vanamali – Great song. I have listened to TMK sing it, but I prefer the BMK version. I am *not* a fan of BMK at *all*. But once in a while he does suprise me 🙂

    Bizzarely enough, I did listen to Akadanu Nanga from Indian recently, while the tune and stuff is alright, the person who wrote the lyrics needs to be shot. Makes absolutely *no* sense. While the overall meaning is somewhat clear, if you just listen to the lyrics carefully, it is just pitiful 🙂

    And regarding the beat? I don’t know whether you know bands of the genre of Doors, Beastie Boys etc. Almost all of ARR’s beats are from that sort of stuff. Though he manages to vary the tempo add some Indian bit here and there, no tto mention the daft lyrics etc etc and make it look “different”. Having said that, doing *that* requires some extraordinary talent 🙂

    And your spealling of “mael gave me a smile. Nice one. Male and mel does fit an all !!!

  2. Sathej

    ‘I am *not* a fan of BMK at *all*. But once in a while he does suprise me’
    Agree completely. Am too not a great fan of his, but yes, there are times when he sings phenomenally beautiful phrases.

  3. Sathej

    Hello Aparna,
    I see Google Advertisements in your sidebar. A price one has to pay for one’s own domain, I suppose!? Takes a bit off the nice theme.

  4. Aparna

    Why do you even bother to pay attention to the lyrics of songs like this? 😛 Film songs need not necessarily have great lyrics 😉
    I don’t know about those bands but I do know that many beats are similar to some other songs.
    I think that is how you are supposed to spell Tamil words correctly in English 🙂

    Having own domain isn’t that expensive at all!

  5. Mahesh

    Music *without* lyrics is more acceptable than music with *horrible* lyrics 🙂 I bet that if the entire songs in that movie had no lyrics, there’d be absolutely no point.

    Re: Tamil transliteration – very subjective as you say. There still are some hard core people who use a combination of A’s ,a’s, E’s and e’s for all sorts of stuff that plainly confuse the heck out of me [if ya need a example, try the lyrics section of :)]. I simply mentioned it cos, this was the first time I had seen this variation for that particular word!!

    Sathej – Registering a domain and hosting *does* cost money. Google Ads is free service and lets you make some cash if you get enough page hits. Simple as that.

  6. Aparna

    >who use a combination of A’s ,a’s, E’s and e’s for all sorts of stuff that plainly confuse the heck out of me
    I don’t find reading those difficult 🙂


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