T.M.Krishna’s “Sri Raamam”

I got this album (released by Rajalakshmi Audio last year) of T.M.Krishna last month. This has Muthuswami Dikshitar’s Krithis on Lord Rama. Check out the website of Rajalakshmi Audio for the list of krithis in this album. This has many not-so-often-heard raagas like mAhuri, kOkilAravam, rAma kali. T.M.Krishna has sung all the krithis with so much bhava! R.K.Shriramkumar plays the violin in this album, K. Arun Prakash the mridangam and V. Anirudh Athreya the kanjira. Everyone knows what a great combo TMK, Shriramkumar and Arun Prakash make. I would rate it as one of the best albums of T.M.Krishna till date!
The first song that I got hooked onto in this album is santAna rAmaswAminam in raagam Hindolavasantam. Every time I start listening to it, I listen to it atleast for a couple of times before moving onto the next song. The Nottu swarams in sankarAbharanam are very nice to listen to (rAmachandram is my current favourite Nottuswaram). I have only one complaint with this album: It would have been nice if T.M.Krishna had sung raaga alapanas for raagas like Hindolavasantam, nArAyanagowlai, mAhuri etc.
This one is a must-buy for all the T.M.Krishna and Dikshitar Kritis fans! If you haven’t got it yet, get it soon!

3 thoughts on “T.M.Krishna’s “Sri Raamam”

  1. Sathej

    Yes,TMK sings a great Sankarabharanam every time.
    I am just back from a wonderful Kutcheri by Prof.TN Krishnan(TNK) for Nayaki Sabha.He was accompanied by Shri Thiruvarur Bhakthavathsalam(Mridangam) and Vaikom Gopalakrishnan(Ghatam).It was a fantastic concert.Starting off with Vathapi Ganapathim,Shri TNK played Evarani in Harikambhoji next.Then Meenakshi Memudham in Purvikalyani followed.Manavyalakin(Nalinakanthi) was played in a wonderful way.I have never heard Nalinakanthi being played(or sung) in such splendour with soothing Gamakas.Kaa Vaa Vaa in Varali was the next composition.Then,Shri TNK commented that the great setting of the hall prompted him to play Abheri.And there came Nagumomu with a short round of Swaras.Then,came the masterpiece.Thodi,in all its glory.After playing the Ragam,Shri TNK himself said that he had not played such a nice Thodi in quite a while.The composition was Thaye Yashodha.After a good Tani(in which Shri Bhakathavathsalam made good use of the Thoppi),Shri TNK played Chinnanchiru Kiliye and Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai in his typical style.Then,came the unexpected piece -the English note played in the Madurai Mani Iyer Bani.Shri TNK concluded the concert with a Jonpuri Thillana and then the Managalam.
    Sorry to have used your blog to put up this mini-review.But,I am so influenced by this great Kutcheri that I need to write this down somewhere.(I have a blog,but not updated of late,I hope to get it back soon).Anyway,I hope you don’t mind it.
    Great to know that you too learn Carnatic Music.And I too stay in Abhiramapuram!(though I haven’t heard of Ms Sudha,maybe she teaches in Brrhadhwani).

  2. Aparna

    Wow! What a great concert it must have been! Nalinakanti, Abheri, Theeraadha Vilayaattu, English Notes! My favourites!…. & I don’t mind you using my blog for putting up the review. And hey, thanks for the review and get back to your blog soon. Would be great if you write lotsa good music posts……

  3. Sai Prasad Viswanathan

    It is a wonderful album. I had the pleasure of listening to it a few months back..amazing renditions of Shri rAmam in narayanagowla and rAmachandrena samrakshithoham in mAnji. Must hear for all fellow dIkshithar fanatics


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