T.M.Krishna’s Concert

R.K.Shriramkumar – Violin
T.V.Vasan – Mridangam
Anirudh Athreya – Khanjira

Where & When? – CLT, IIT Madras on 11th August

Songs list (partial):
1. Varnam – Kalyani – Adi – Swarams
2. Vinata suta – Jayantasena – Swarams at mata badha
3. ninnu sevinchina – Yadukula kambhoji – Alapana, neraval at Kanakangi
4. Brovaradha sri – Varunapriya – Raaga outline
5. Upacharamulanu – Bhairavi – Alapana, neraval & swarams at kapata nataka
6. Veenabheri – Abheri (the supposedly correct Abheri 😉 ) – Raaga outline
7. Raagam Taanam Pallavi – Nattai (had to leave just as the tanam started)

I never thought I would say this, but yesterday’s concert was boring. I still can’t believe that I found a concert of T.M.Krishna so boring! :O

As is the case with many of his concerts, this one too didn’t start on time. The concert was supposed to start at 6:45 pm but it was only at 6:45 did the artists enter the auditorium. The concert finally started at around 7:10, thanks to the tuning of Tambura that always takes up a lot of time in TMK’s concerts & the poor mike arrangement.

Coming to the concert, there were only a few parts that I really liked, like the Jayantasena swarams, the Varunapriya kriti and some phrases in the Bhairavi swarams. TMK forgot most of the lyrics of the charanam of ninnu sevinchina. My mind was wandering away from the concert when he was singing the Bhairavi alapana. Even the neravals, that I always look forward to in TMK’s concerts, didn’t appeal to me much yesterday. So when I had to leave when the RTP was in progress, I left without even one bit of regret for having to leave in the midst of the concert.

6 thoughts on “T.M.Krishna’s Concert

  1. Sathej

    He sang Smara Sundaranguni – Paras Javali, Sapashyat Kousalya, some Bhajan and then Mamava Pattabhirama after that – quoting from memory..so not too sure. To me, it was a reasonably good concert. I listen to TMK only occasionally anyway 🙂 So I am not perhaps the right person to comment – I was right in my measure of expectations maybe 🙂 Bhairavi Neraval and Swarams were curtailed, Melkalam being omitted. That left a sense of incompleteness. Yes, the usual rapid pace hallmark was missing in Neraval 🙂 The pick of the concert to me were Vinabheri and Mamava Pattabhirama. Upacharamu Krithi rendition was good. Otherwise, yes it was nothing great, but was ok. About him forgetting lyrics, thats rather becoming a feature to be expected these days I suppose 🙂

  2. Aparna

    I can’t help having very high expectations. 😛 So I wanted the concert to be nothing less than a very great one 😉

    Oh. There is a concert of both Sanjay as well as TMK tomorrow & there is a concert of Sanjay next Saturday.

    No idea. I too don’t have it either


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