T.M.Krishna’s Concert

T.M.Krishna – Vocal
R.K.Shriramkumar – Violin
Guruvayur Dorai – Mridangam
T.V.Vasan – Ghatam
Srirangam Kannan – Morsing

Where & When? – Narada Gana Sabha Mini Hall on 3rd September

Concert Duration: 1 hr 40 min

Songs List:
1. Janaki pate – Kharaharapriya – Swarams at Janaki Pate
2. nannu bhrovumani – Kalyani – Alapana, neraval at adrija vinutuDu bhadragirishuDu
3. KarikalAbha mukham – Saveri – Alapana, neraval & swarams at mooladhara – Tani Avartanam
4. Rangabaaro – Maand
5. Varugalaamo – Maanji – Raaga outline
6. Gaayati Vanamali – Hamsadhwani
7. Bhujaga shaayino – Yadukula Kambhoji

In complete contrast to TMK’s previous concert, I liked this concert very much! Surprise of surprises, this concert started a couple of minutes before time! TMK’s concert starting before time is something that I didn’t expect to happen 😉 And it was because of this that I reached the venue only a few minutes before the start of the concert. The auditorium was full and it was a good 30 min before I could get a chair to sit.

Right from Janaki Pate which was very well rendered with some nice swarams at the end, till Bhujaga shaayino, every moment of the concert was absolute bliss. I loved the Kalyani neraval. Since the concert was on the day of Vinayaka Chathurti, I expected Dikshitar’s KarikalAbha mukham would be the song when he started the Saveri alapana and so it was. Varugalaamo was rendered in classic TMK’s style – slow-paced and soaked in bhava! With soft percussion for it and everyone in the audience enjoying it so much, it was magical listening to it! undan paramAnanda tANDavam pArkkavE nAnangE varugalaamO – one of my favourite lines in the song. Gayati Vanamali is one of my favourites sung by TMK. It was nice hearing it right after such a beautiful rendition of Varugalaamo.

Eagerly waiting for Sunday since that’s when TMK’s next concert is!

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