T.M.Krishna & Sangeetha Sivakumar’s Concert

This is the first concert that TMK & Sangeetha are performing together. It seems yesterday was their wedding anniversary. Here’s wishing them a long musical life together! 🙂

Concert at Narada Gana Sabha (Bharat Sangeet Utsav) on 6th November, 2009

Akkarai Subbulakshmi – Violin
Poongulam Subramaniam – Mridangam
B.S.Purushotham – Khanjira

Duration of the concert: 2hrs 30 min

List of Songs:
1. mAtE (varnam) – khamAs

This was a pleasant surprise since it was only on the previous day of the concert that I read Dandilsa’s post and remembered how long it had been since I listened to this varnam! 🙂

2. ninne nera nammi – pantuvarALi – Short AlApana; neraval at vEdashAstra purANa vidyalacE bhEda; swarams at vedashAstra by Sangeetha & swarams at purANa by TMK

3. bhuvinidAsuDaneSrI ranjaniAlApana; swarams at bhuvini
(sung by Sangeetha alone)

4. kanakashaila vihArapunnAga varALiAlApana; neraval at shyAmalAmbike bhavAbdi taraNe
(sung by TMK alone)

This was sung in a slow pace and as is always the case with any slow song by TMK, this was also excellent.

5. bhOgIndra SayinamkuntalavarALi

6. AlApanas in SrI, Arabhi, gowrI, nAttai, gowLai, mOhanam, sAmA, lalitA, bhairavam, sArangA
tAnams in SankarAbharaNam, kAmbhoji, dEvakriya, bhUpALam, SrI
SrI viSvanAtham – caturdaSa rAgamAlikA
tani AvArtanam

AlApana, tAnam & swarams in all the above-mentioned rAgAs were alternately sung by TMK & Sangeetha with TMK starting with SrI AlApana. Akkarai Subbulakshmi played the AlApana, tAnam & swarams for the rAgAs sung by Sangeetha alone. Poongulam Subramaniam and Purusothaman played for the last round of tAnam in SrI rAgam. The swarams concluded with a round of fast-paced swarams in all the rAgAs, ending with SrI.

It was refreshing to hear a main piece like this. I loved the SrI AlApana and the fast-paced tAnam and swarams in SrI. SrI viSvanAtham was sung really well!

7. Verses from Kalidasa’ abhijnAna SAkuntalam

I got the verses from this site.

1st verse: (sung in hamIr kalyANI by TMK)
adharaha kisalaya-rAgaha komala-viTapa-anukAriNau bAhU
kusumam iva lobhanIyam yauvanam angeSu samnaddham

After Dushyanta first sees Shakuntala, he sings this verse describing her.

2nd verse: (sung in valaji by Sangeeta)
kim nu khalv imam prekSya tapo-vana-virodhino vikArasya gamanIyA+asmi samvrttA

This is sung by Shakuntala after she first sees Dushyanta.

3rd verse: (sung in hindOLam by Sangeeta)
tava na jAne hrdayam mama punaha kAmo divA api rAtrAv api
nirghrna tapati balIyas tvayi vrtta-manorathAyA angAni

Shakuntala and Dushyanta have still not conveyed their feelings to each other. That’s when Shakuntala writes a letter to Dushyanta describing her feelings. The verse that was sung is the content of the letter.

4th verse (sung in dEsh sung by TMK)
tapati tanu-gAtri madanas tvAm aniSam mAm punar dahaty eva
glapayati yathA SaSa-ankam na tathA hi kumudvatIm divasaha

Even as Shakuntala is writing the letter, Dushyanta comes & expresses his love and that’s the verse that was sung.

The verses were followed by the song prEmaiyil yAvum marandEnE (from the old movie Shakuntala) – dEsh

This is the piece that I loved the most in this concert. The choice of rAgAs for the verses was good and they both sang well. I was happy to listen to TMK’s hamIr kalyANi after a long time. I liked the dESh played by Akkarai Subbulakshmi after TMK concluded the last verse in dEsh. Her dEsh was followed by a very beautiful song, prEmaiyil yAvum marandEnE! I have not listened to this song before and I just loved this.

8. brUhi mukundEti – kurunji

brUhi mukundEti sung by TMK & Sangeetha in a CD of Sadasiva Brahmendra kritis is one of my favourites. I was happy that they sang it in this concert.

9. nI nAma rUpamulaku – sowrAshTram
madhyamAvati – outline

8 thoughts on “T.M.Krishna & Sangeetha Sivakumar’s Concert

  1. Nandagopal

    Good detailing.
    I attended his concert in Bangalore on 14-Nov. Fabulous performance.
    Any idea when is his next concert in Bangalore. Looks like his website has expired.

  2. Krishnakumar(KK)

    Hi Aparna
    Am new to the world of Carnatic Music. Have stumbled upon TMK’s concert clips in youtube.
    I was spellbound. there is a kind of magnetism in his concert presentation. have intensified my tracking of all that I can lay my hands on TMK’s audio/video track available on internet. Help me if you can.


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