This November….

The month of November has been a very busy one till now. I was out of station and without net access for most part of this month. Add to it, there was some problem with the computer at home that thankfully got resolved yesterday. Lots of blog posts to be read and written and quite a few mails awaiting my reply!

I went to an excellent concert of Sanjay last Sunday. If at all someone noticed, I never did write after my last post on Sanjay’s concert about whose concert I went to next. Well, I went to two concerts of T.M.Krishna in the time span between that concert and last Sunday.

Managed to read one and a half books –a non-fiction (Sriram V’s ‘Carnatic Summer’ – it reaffirmed my belief that it is better to not know much about the personal life of some celebrities 😛 ) and a fiction (Michael Crichton’s ‘Congo’).

Had a good time during the two trips, visited some old temples whose architecture and attention to details given to the idols left me amazed as always.

Have started liking the songs valayapatti, ponmagaL remix and maduraikku a lot 😀 , watched two just-another-interview with A R Rahman on TV.

Tried in vain to watch Chennai 28 (decided within 10 minutes into the movie that it isn’t the kind of movie that would appeal to me), finally managed to watch the movie Gilli (am watching a Vijay movie after a long time) fully after having watched the first half twice a couple of years back.

Tried out the new range of almond/coffee/raisin/honey cookies from Brittania under the name ‘Pure Magic’ and found it to be just ok.

Started planning for the December Music Season drawing up a list of the concerts I am planning to attend. 🙂 I couldn’t get the ticket for tomorrow Ghazalbandhi by Mandolin Srinivas and Hariharan, thanks to my not trying to book the ticket earlier. 🙁 But I got the ticket for the concert, Take Four – Trilok Gurtu, Vikku Vinayakram, Guitar Prasanna & Selvaganesh, on Sunday. The next couple of months are going to be very busy ones where Carnatic music will take precedence over everything else. Being in Chennai, if this is not the time to enjoy the divine Carnatic music, then what else is? 🙂

How has your November been till now? 😉

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  1. Sathej

    Carnatic Summers has interesting anecdotes as well… personal lives, yes, its better not to know, but anyway that’s one of my favourite books as it gives a flavour of cerain ‘sunnier and shady’ aspects of legends. Well, anyway its better to leave things just there and enjoy the music alone (though it is sometimes difficult).
    Planning for December…well, some major Sabhas haven’t yet come out officially with their schedules, I believe.

  2. Sreekrishnan

    Rahman Interviews>>Rahman is now an extrovert of sorts at time. Hope you would have noticed that in the Pepsi uma interview … i couldnt imagine the way he spoke and tried to imitate P B Srinivas. Good one there !!

    Chennai 28 Vs Ghilli>> Come on … Chennai 28 was refreshingly fantastic – simple and real. You should take time to watch it!!

    Missed the Sikkil Gurucharan Concert. Somehow i wanted to catch up with that thanks to November Release at work and im completely into it !!

    Omshanti Om – Poorest movie this year that started with a fantastic Guru – thank god rahman rejected it

    KannaMoochiyaenada – radhika serial’s 2 episode with Priya’s feel good style dose – with Satyaraj’s childish Lollu .. didnt work on the whole – poor attempt after KandaNaalMuthal.

    Looking forward for the Concerts this Margazhi esp Kadri Gopalnath Saxophone, Unnikirshnan, Sudha Raghunathan, Yesudas, Rajeshvaidya,

    But much before that wiating for the jodhAkbar music release this Nov 27 and Billa Music and Movie !!

    Should be taking a trip to Bengalooru to catch the temple at Melakote near Mandya … The story of that temple is supposedly the one related to Dasavatharam !!

  3. Adiya

    enna i ppo dhaan chennai-28 um gilli um unga veetukku vandhu eruka. ada da.. enna evalu seeikram ellam padathum parkuringa. mm.. wait for DD-release !!! : )

  4. Voracious Blog Reader


    The same thing happened to me with Chennai 28. 5 minutes into the movie, I couldn’t watch it. Tried to resume it after a couple of days and the same happened.

    After about a week, I resumed it again. This time about 20 minutes of the movie was over. It was then real fun to watch it.

    Voracious Blog Reader

  5. arvind

    chennai 28 isn’t that bad..i guess u should have waited a bit longer ..
    Till now the month has been quite bad( with the exception that i got a new cell 😛 )
    and i fear its going to get worse from 20th…
    Exams are haunting me …

  6. Hari Prasad

    Movies like Chennai28 are best enjoyed when watched in theater. The youthful crowd and the stadium like feel made it a fun movie to watch. A few weeks later tried watching it in a DVD at home and couldn’t get past the initial scenes. That is the magic of the atmosphere. I still cherish the day I watched Laagan in a theater in Coimbatore during college days. Absolute fun. And going by a guess I don’t think you would have had any experience playing gully cricket! Relating with the movie, I guess, is very important at least for this movie.

  7. Arvind Padmanabhan

    Hi Aprana,
    I was lucky to get the tickets online for the Hariharan & Shrinivas spectacle. I came back last night quite mesmerised. I’m sure you will get to see them perform again, so dont you worry. Do check my blog for my take on it [am not a trained singer so its not a review].

    Yeah, Take Four on Sunday promises to be the next big concert in this November Fest. I was unable to book tickets yesterday since I couldnt get ticket count finalised. Hope to get them online today.

    BTW, There is the Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy trio performing on Saturday at the Nehru Indoor Stadium. I got the tickets and its the next thing am eager to attend.

    Do let me know about your thoughts on my blog and maybe I will see you around on Sunday. Take care.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Aparna

    F e r r a r i,
    Hmmm. Enjoy! 🙂 Waiting for your post on the concert 😉


    Am also planning to write about the Season. Let’s see. As for Sanjay’s concert, I will try!


    Hmmm….But, Sanjay’s and TMK’s schedules are out 😉

    Oh 🙁 Btw, welcome back after a long time 🙂

  9. Aparna

    >>Rahman is now an extrovert of sorts at time.
    Yeah 🙂 I too noticed that. And also noticed how he struggled to answer ‘Pepsi’ Uma’s question about North Indian singers sodhapifying Tamil pronunciations 🙂

    >You should take time to watch it!!
    But ennala adha paakka mudila!

    >Missed the Sikkil Gurucharan Concert.
    That one would have been great. Btw, am yet to attend even a single concert of Gurucharan. Hoping to catch up with one during the Season

    >thank god rahman rejected it
    Yeah. Many seem to be finding OSO very boring. Trailerlaye Sharukha paakka mudiyala

    You seem to have given a good two-line review of KannaMoochiyaenada 😉

    I will not be attending the concert of even one singer that you have mentioned 🙂 In case you attend Yesudas’ concert, do let me know how you liked it. The last time I went to his concert, he spoke for a longer time than sing!

    >taking a trip to Bengalooru to catch the temple at Melakote
    Have a great time whenever you go 😉

  10. Aparna


    Oh. I don’t know if I wil try watching it another time

    >with the exception that i got a new cell 😛
    Isn’t that reason enough to make this month a good one? 😛

    Hmmm. Yes I have zero experience on gully cricket. Btw Lagaan was a different movie altogether and it is surely one of the best Indian films ever made! 🙂

    Welcome to my blog! 🙂 Lucky you!
    I have already heard SEL perform at Saarang once. It was quite good. Don’t have plans of attending a concert of theirs again


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