The year that was!

A major part of the first half of 2008 saw me being down with boredom. And then, there was this bloggers’ block. The no. of unfinished posts lying in my drafts written during that period stands testimony to that. These apart, though 2008 was better than 2007, still quite a few things which I wish had not happened, happened. But hey, now is not the time to dwell on all those. There are lots of moments to cherish and a lot of other things thinking about which makes me so happy.

  • Jodha Akbar, Ada, Sakkarakatti, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Yuvvraaj, Ghajini, Jiya Se Jiya, Slumdog Millionaire; Rahman receiving the Golden Globe nomination – one of the best years for Rahmaniacs! 🙂 (I am yet to listen to the Jiya se Jiya song properly and I haven’t listened to Slumdog Millionaire tracks too!!)
  • kaNgaL iRaNDaal song 🙂
  • Made some new good friends 🙂
  • This year saw a whole lot of my friends getting married/engaged
  • During those heavy rains last month, made some paper boats and went out to the road with kids in my flat and boat vittufied in the mazhai thaNNi on the road. 😀 It was so much fun 😉
  • Nicholas Sparks’ novels – Liked ‘A Walk to Remember’ so much that I went ahead and read at a stretch all the books of Nicholas Sparks I could lay my hands on. (couldn’t get two books alone)
  • Jeeves & Wooster Series
  • Seeing Madhavan! 🙂
  • Jab We Met – Little did I expect that I will like this movie so much that I will keep watching it again and again!
  • Jodha Akbar – Loved the movie and of course, the music
  • Seeing sunrise at Marina Beach for the first time 🙂
  • Valparai & Topslip trip
  • Visiting Chidambaram temple and a whole lot of other temples in and around Mayavaram and, of course, in and around Chennai too
  • T.N.Seshagopalan’s Dvijavanti RTP – One of the best pieces of music I came across this year!
  • Attended lots and lots of concerts! 😀

And now, over to the great ending to what has been a great year as far as music is concerned:
Sanjay has been in top form this year and a major part of music that I listened to this year has been only Sanjay’s recordings/concerts. There have been times when even Rahman’s music took a back seat! As you very well know, I went for as many Sanjay’s concerts as I could throughout the year. But the high-point has been this December Season! Except his concert at Chrompet, I successfully managed to go for all other concerts of his this month! 😀 16 Sanjay’s concerts in 31 days concluding with a concert everyday for the past 4 days!! I can’t tell you how happy I am!

By the way, it struck me a couple of days back, that the number of Sanjay’s concerts that I have attended till date starting from September 2002 must have crossed 50. And it had indeed crossed 50 and today’s concert happened to be the 70th concert of Sanjay that I have attended during the last 6+ years! And, oh yeah, did I tell you that I still can’t have enough of his singing? 😉 Even this very moment, it’s only Sanjay’s nijagAdasa that I am listening to. 🙂 The Season is soon going to end. Sigh! Anyway, I will continue my Season musings in another post later.

Goodbye, 2008!

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