The month of Adi

The sound of some music band out on the street wakes up all of us at home. We realize that it’s being played for the procession of some Amman. Seeing through the window, we wait to get a glimpse of the deity. It was taking quite a bit of time for the deity to reach our part of the street. We go out into the street and see the music band followed by a group of nadaswaram and tavil players. And then surrounded by a small group of devotees was the Amman embellished by jewels, huge, colourful garlands and lots of flowers – beauty and divinity personified. Seeing the festive atmosphere, you don’t realize that it’s 1:30 am in the night! Isn’t this what the month of Adi is all about? With Adi being synonymous with festivities in the ubiquitous Amman temples all over the city and with even some of the small temples in street corners having their own utsava vigraham (processional idol), you can often see some idol in procession.

P.S.: This happened yesterday night and for the first time in the last few weeks, I suddenly felt the need to pen this down and felt the words pouring out. Is my bloggers’ block finally gone?

8 thoughts on “The month of Adi

  1. Dilip Muralidaran


    I’m reminded of the thee midhi thiruvizha. As a kid i used to fanatically watch it live when it happens. I’m not sure but i think its this time of the year when it happens. If you wanna catch the best ones you gotta go to perambur / periyar nagar kind of places.

    I highly recommend thanthoni amman kovil in jawahar nagar. Its grandly celebrated there or perhaps even Karumari amman kovil in perambur, raghavan st.

  2. srikanth

    In our locality, local youth (auto-walas, coolies) conduct hundi-collection for offering food to the poor as part of the aadi thiruvizha… its still happening in chennai and other places in TN

  3. Aparna

    I have also seen thee midhi when I was a kid.

    Auto drivers in most areas celebrate occasions like these in a grand manner.



    Don’t think I’ll write a post on the songs.

    Thanks. I didn’t attend any of the events this year 🙁 Couldn’t even watch the live web casts. I didn’t read about it anywhere

    Don’t think I’ll write


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