The Gaana Bajaana Tag

Sometime back Priya Iyer had tagged me with this tag. Here goes the tag:

Opening credits:
Bombay Theme – Bombay

Waking up:
veLLai pookkaL – Kannatthil Muthamittal

Average day:
main aisa kyun hoon – Lakshya

First date:
Hey Goodbye nanba – Aayitha Ezhuthu

Falling in love:
pyaar hua chupke se – 1942 A Love Story, netru illaadha maatram – pudhiya mugam

Love Scene:
pudhu veLLai mazhai – Roja

Fight Scene:
Dol Dol – Aayitha Ezhuthu/Yuva

Breaking up:
en kadhalae – Duet

Getting back together:
tu bin bataye – rang de basanti

Secret love:
Dil Mera Ek tara – 16th December

Life’s ok:
Peaceful – The Effect by Guitar Prasanna

Mental Breakdown:
enge enadhu kavidhai – Kandukondain kandukondain

Yunhi chala chal raahi – Swades

Learning a lesson:
ni main samajh gayi – Taal

Deep thought:
Filhaal – Filhaal

Milo wahan wahan – Ada

Fanaa – Aayitha Ezhuthu/Yuva

Happy Dance:
Rang De Basanti – Rang De Basanti

nenje nenje – Ratchagan, azhage sugama – Paarthale paravasam

Long night alone:
oru naaL oru pozhudhu – Andhimandharai

Death Scene:
idhudhaan vazhkai enbadha – pudhiya mugam

Closing Credits:
Khwaja Instrumental – Jodha Akbar

I am not tagging anyone as usual. Take this up if you are interested.

27 thoughts on “The Gaana Bajaana Tag

  1. Aparna


    Glad to know that you had a good laugh πŸ˜›

    For once I decided not to list out too many songs

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Aparna

    I had not seen it. Thanks for the link

    You don’t seem to get the point here. Goodbye is being said to friend since he is not just a friend anymore and becomes someone more than a friend after the first date πŸ˜‰

  3. puranjoy

    @aparna, wrt to your reply to Arvind,

    Amazing! What a logic! Beautiful, simply marvelous! I just became your fan all over again! I am breaking the record for exclamations in a single comment!

  4. Aparna

    Even if you had asked me to watch it, I wouldn’t have watched it since I generally don’t like most of Kamal’s movies and don’t watch them too. Is there any movie worth ethirpaarthufying coming up? Am waiting only for Mani Ratnam’s next movie.

    Is that logic really that good? πŸ˜‰ Thank you!

  5. CapJack

    Really a wonderful job. I would like to add a few songs to your list
    Title credits – New from New, Padayappa mouth organ theme
    Breaking up – Raasathi from Thiruda Thiruda
    Long night alone – Enthan vaanil from Kadhal virus
    Death- Thenkizhakku cheemaiyile from Kizhakku cheemaiyile

    I thought that it would be more interesting to work out songs with a small plot outline! So I wrote up a quick action/romance Tamil movie plot.
    A is a, Chennai based 58 year old crime branch officer at the fag end of his career taking up his final assignment- a cyber crime case. He has a son and a daughter. Forget about the son. His daughter B is a dazzling young woman in her early 20s. She has a boyfriend C, who is a 28 year old software pro and a playboy. His parents have moved out to LA and he is looking forward to go there. Unfortunately for him, he is pulled in by A to assist him in solving his last case so that his reputation remains unaffected. But he is not aware of the fact that C is his daughter’s sweet heart. The hunt for the criminal goes on. From A’s POV C is smart and intelligent but not a man of good character. At a point of time A comes to know that B and C are madly in love with each other -interval- and beats C black and blue in typical Tamil police style in a cell and throws him out. He swears that he doesnt need a screw head anymore to solve his case and he can do it himself. He carries on with his case. Meanwhile B and C meet now and then sharing their tale of woes. C becomes stronger than ever in love and asks B not to worry. After a while A understands that he could go nowhere in the case without C. So reluctantly he puts C back into the case. Though C’s pride prevents him going back, his love wins. At the end of their investigation, A and C go to Bombay to spy on D, who is actually a trans-sexual psychopath, hunting boys and girls for their flesh and they arrest him successfully.A gets an award and retires happily. Finally, A realises that B and C’s love is sincere and decides to ignore mean things after which everything ends happily with the marriage of B and C. Credits

    Here goes the situation and songs:
    1.Title Credits come C intro- ‘Ilamai remix’ from Varalaaru
    2.cyber-crime challenge come A intro- ‘you know my name’ from Casino Royale OST
    3.B intro- ‘Margazhi Poove’ from May Matham
    4.B and C romancing in midsummer’s night rain- ‘Eachi Elumichi’ from Tajmahal
    5.A and C working together- ‘Konchum Nilavu’ from Thiruda Thiruda
    6.The ever tangling mystery- ‘Spiritual theme'(forget the lyrics) from Baba
    7.A clue?- ‘Idhu oru Nilakaalam’ from Tik Tik Tik
    8.C drinks and spoils the plan- ‘Ek Lo Ek Muft’ from Guru
    9.A and C secretly go to Kerala- ‘Anjanam’ from Udhaya or ‘Jiya Jale’ from Dilse
    10.Caught red handed and seperated- ‘E Ajnabi’ from Dilse or ‘Paalanhare’ from Lagaan or ‘Evano oruvan’ from Alaipayuthe
    11.After the beatings- ‘Kadhal Rojave’ from Roja
    12.B meets wounded C and soothes-‘Meherbaan instrumental’ from ADA or ‘Jaage Hain’ from Guru
    13.A without C-fish out of water- ‘Thom karuvil’ from Star
    14.Love vs pride- ‘Vidukathaiya’ from Muthu or ‘satrangi re’ from Dilse
    15.Back to work- ‘Billa theme’ from Billa 2007 or ‘Hey Machan’ from SOK OST
    16.Train to Mumbai- ‘Archer sells diamond’ from Blood Diamond OST
    17.D intro- ‘Rani theme’ from Boys OST
    18.Spying before hunger cafe- ‘Antha arabikkadaloram’ from Bombay
    19.C misses B- ‘New york nagaram’ from SOK or ‘Jashn E-Bahara’ from Jodha Akbar
    20.A deadly crisis and a narrow escape- ‘Tholvi Nilai ena’ from Oomai Vizhigal or ‘Thamizha Thamizha’ from Roja
    21.Final Showdown- ‘The End’ from Apocalypse Now OST or ‘Minsara poove’ from Padayappa
    22.Happy A and sad C return- ‘Nilame Poru’ from Rhythm
    23.The change in A- ‘Theekkuruviyai’ from Kangalal kaidhu sei
    24.Marriage- ‘Kummi aadi’ from SOK or ‘Mangalyam’ from Alaipayuthey
    25.End credits- ‘Happy Endings’ from Bombay dreams

    Tell me if you like it!

  6. CapJack

    i wrote a 2 page story with the above plot as soon as Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu is out. Coincidentally Die hard 4.0 happened to be a similar story. That doesn’t matter here. Situations, songs and ‘fun’ matter.

  7. Sathej

    Long time no post..
    Anyway, the Twitter seems interesting. Must find out a way to put this in my blog. Already have a few pending things to incorporate in my blog. Am rather poor with such things. Actually, am lazy πŸ™‚ To sit and figure out how it needs to be done.

  8. Aparna

    Oh I see

    Welcome to my blog! Thanks

    Oh ok. Yup.


    Nope. Just didn’t feel like writing anything. Was even wondering if I had blogger’s block!

  9. Rukesh D


    So if you feel to write you will flood with many articles at a time!!!!!!

    Rukesh D


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