The one road on which I like travelling in the evenings is the Adyar Bridge. If you are someone who likes to see sunriseĀ  or sunset, then you must surely travel by the Adyar Bridge at around 6 pm. The sun appearing like an orange ball, the sky in myriad hues of pink and its reflection on the water! Wow! Thank God water is there atleast in Adyar river!

8 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Sathej

    I too travel sometimes by that way in the evenings.Yes,it is really a pleasant sight.In the nights too, it is good to see the river against the backdrop of lights.

  2. ranjhith

    Me in Hyd, see only the moon rise. >:O) Sometimes, from the road near CyberGateway, bang at the horizon, amidst the high rise buildings, sneaking from my view, yellow would be the Moon. So lovely it’ll be. >:O)

  3. Aparna

    Yellow moon?! Wow!….Just wait for my next post

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    A post written fascinated by natureā€™s beauty. You can expect more posts from me in the future about nature and its beauty.


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