It is said pagalla pakkam paatthu paesu raathrila adhuvum paesadhe. It so happens that I often keep forgetting this and I realize that the person whom I am talking about or someone close to that person is sitting right next to me only after I finish talking! 😐 It may not be anything bad about that person but it will definitely be something that I wouldn’t want him/her to hear. I hope at least in the future, I remember to look around me before I open my mouth.

15 thoughts on “Ssshhhh

  1. venkat

    Is it not pagalla akkam pakkam paatu pesu rathrila aduvum peasade???I have heard my mother telling this often

  2. R.Saravanan

    Dear Aparna,

    It happens all the time.Hope it was not official.

    Chalta hey yaar, the typical Delhi reaction which I guess is spreading everywhere…

    By the way I agree we both Sathej as well Surya Narayanan.


  3. hari

    πŸ˜€ It happens most of the time. In our office one senior person had accidentally marked a ‘reply to all’ mail regarding some official mail. One of friends came over to my place and said in a loud voice “Hey! Did you see that? Some bum has marked a copy to all of us” and he burst out laughing when the senior person turned around and said “I am that bum”. My friend froze on the spot and then made a hasty retreat!!

  4. Srikanth

    You can talk – I do that at times.. everybody does that… But the point is while that person crosses by we should not give any suspicious or surprised looks… have to control ourselves and look normal… thats the tricky part :))

  5. Aparna

    I have heard it as pagalla pakkam only. Anyway pakkam & akkam pakkam mean the same


    Yup πŸ™

    I agree with them too


    It’s always fun to those with whom I am talking, when I tell them that I just now realized that the person I was talking about is right near me! πŸ˜‰

    I know. I find that very difficult

    enna purila?

    Pandiarajan?? 😐

    Will do it soon πŸ™‚

  6. Aparna

    pagalla pakkam paatthu paesu – Look around you before talking (to ensure that the person you are going to talk about isn’t nearby πŸ˜‰ )
    raathrila adhuvum paesadhe – Don’t talk during the night since the person you are talking about might be near you & you might not notice that person in the dark πŸ˜›
    ippo purunjudha? πŸ˜‰


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