Saunf & Jeera

Why does jeera/cumin seeds sold in most of the shops have saunf/soambu/fennel seeds mixed in them? I hate the taste of saunf while I love jeera. Be it Foodworld or More or some other supermarket or a small provision store, nowadays, saunf seems to be mixed with jeera almost everywhere. If I buy jeera once from a shop and find that saunf is not mixed with it, the very next time, it too seems to be having saunf in it. Using the jeera for cooking spoils the taste of the dish. 🙁

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6 thoughts on “Saunf & Jeera

  1. Sriram

    very true.. in fact some of the ‘jeera appalams’ sold in the market has atleast 1 saunf in each appalam !! i too hate the taste of saunf 🙁

  2. Ranjhith

    Havn’t seen “Soambu & Jeeragam” together. But when asked to buy Jeeragam, my roomie came with a pack of Soambu! He was very sure it to be Jeeragam even having a few grains of Soambu.

    Its that confusing, but its either this or that. Never together.

    Btw, is this an adulteration?

  3. Aparna

    F e r r a r i,
    The jeera that I bought at the local grocery store too had saunf in it 🙁

    Oh that’s bad!

    I don’t know if it’s adulteration but it surely is carelessness on the part of the people who pack the jeeragams.

  4. Sami

    Sure-a ithu adulteration thaan ! As ranjhith, said people doesnt see what they are actually buying. And me too go with Ferrari, local grocery store is lot better than supermarkets !


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