Sanjay’s Concert

At Raga Sudha Hall (Naada Inbam) on 13th December

V.Sanjeev – Violin
Tanjavur Ramdas – Mridangam

Concert Duration: 2 hrs 40 min

List of Songs:
1. evvari (varnam) – AbhOgi – Adi
2. inta parAka – mAyAmALavagowLai – rUpakam – neraval & swarams at kanna talli
3. pAmAlaikkiNai – harikAmbhOji – Adi – AlApana; neraval & swarams at tamizh nADu seitava payanAi vandu
4. aruNAcala – sArangA – rUpakam – AlApana
5. kalayAmi – kannaDA – misra cApu – AlApana; swarams at kalayAmi
6. pAlincu kAmAkshI – madhyamAvati – Adi – AlApana; neraval & swarams at kAntamagu pEru ponditivi kAruNya mUrti
tani Avartanam
7. dAsara nindisa vEDa – rAgESrI – Eka
8. kunRam Endi – sindhu bhairavi
kulam tarum – khamAj
UrilEn – suddha dhanyAsi
brindAvanam idhuvO – suddha dhanyAsi – Adi
9. uppum karpUramum – bEhAg
innamum oru talam – bEhAg – Adi
10. nI nAma rUpamulaku – sowrASTram

A great concert, yet again!!! I liked the neraval for the song pAmAlai. But it was only from the sArangA AlApana that I loved every moment of the concert! I liked the choice of rAgAs in this concert. The rAgA AlApanas were all elaborate and, needless to say, excellent! Each and every song rendition & the viruttams were all excellent!

7 thoughts on “Sanjay’s Concert

  1. Rajeev

    Hi.. Aparna.. I was present in this concert and I agree it was a great concert.

    pAmAlai , however, was my personal favorite in this concert.

    urilen and brindavanam idhuvo seemed like Bhimplas to me.. please do confirm ..

    And Yes.. a wonderful concert and a matching review. well done..

  2. Aparna

    Hi Aparna, I was at the concert as well — and yes, it was very good. I couldn’t get into it till palincu kamakshi for some reason — i think partly it was because raga sudha is such a small hall that one’s listening experience depends on the good behaviour of the audience. and unforunately, there was this incredibly rude man in front of me whose cell phone would go off every ten minutes and he would actually whisper into it. and then there was this patti behind me who coughed and coughed through the entire concert. sigh.

    btw, the behag was so lovely, he sang with more feeling than at the margazhi mahautsavam last year, i thought….

  3. Mazhaikadhali

    Hi there,
    It was really a surprise to see this website and I dint know why it took so long for me to visit it.Its fantastic and quite informative especially for people like me,miles apart from home country.It kindled my enthusiasm and made me long for all the concerts and ‘margazhi’ mahotsavam.. Hats off for your efforts..

    Just a passing cloud from,

  4. R.Saravanan

    Hi Aparna,

    So the toime has arrived when all road on the citiy leads to some sabha or the other as far as the rasikas are concerned.

    Please do keep writing for people like us who are not physically present so that atleast we can feel the joy of it.

    I am not aware whether Mr Sanjeev has ever played for Sanjay sir before maybe this was the first time except AIR recording ofcourse.

    Thanks and Regards

  5. Aparna


    brindavanam idhuvo is in suddha dhanyasi. Thanks.

    Raga Sudha Hall is one of my favourite venues 🙂 You should have asked the man to put the mobile on silent mode.

    Welcome to my blog! Thank you 🙂

    Yes 🙂 Even I have no idea if Sanjeev has played for Sanjay before

    Yes. I’ll write about the concert soon.


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