Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s Concert

At Ramarao Kala Mantap (Nungambakkam Cultural Academy) on 12th December

Mysore Srikanth – Violin
Srimushnam Raja Rao – Mridangam
Udupi Sridhar – Ghatam

Concert Duration: 2 hrs 50 min

List of Songs:
1. calamu sEya – hindOLam
2. vandE mAtaram – kEdAram – Adi – rAgA outline; swarams at vandE mAtaram
3. jaya jaya padmanAbhAnujE – maNirangu – Adi – AlApana; swarams at jaya jaya
4. paramapAvana rAmA – pUrvi kalyANi – Adi – AlApana; neraval & swarams at kanakAmbaradhara
tani Avartanam
5. yAr pOi solluvAr – tODi
6. RTP – nATTakurunji
tAnam in SubhapantuvarALi, mOhanam, sahAnA, kApi
pallavi: oru daram siva cidambaram enRu sonnAlum pOdumE – Adi
7. harivAsarada – sindhu bhairavi – brief AlApana
8. kanduga madakariyai (viruttam) (verses of Thayumanavar) – kAmbhOji, danyAsi, bEgaDA, AbhEri, behAg, kurunji
engum niraindirukkum – kurunji
9. brUhi mukundEti – kurunji
10. nI nAma rUpamulaku – sowrASTram

There really wasn’t anything special about the varnam rendition. The second song in kEdAram and the kalpana swarams in kEdAram were good, but didn’t have anything extraordinary. And then followed the maNirangu AlApana. The concert was getting better and better by the minute! At the end of that absolutely mesmerizing pUrvi kalyANi
, it was clear that this was going to be one of those unforgettable concerts! Sanjay was in top form! The neraval, swarams, everything was just too good! I can’t remember the last time I was immersed in pUrvi kAlyANi, as I was today! After a nice tODi song, came the bestest part of the concert – nATTakurunji RTP!!

Though Sanjay’s nATTakurunjis are always excellent, yet the nATTakurunji/jagadIsA in the Toronto concert in sangeethapriya is my most favourite. This concert’s RTP is the one that has finally come close to that nATTakurunji piece. It was just magical! And that beautiful sahAnA tAnam amidst all those mesmerizing SubhapantuvarALi & delightful mOhanam & kApi tAnams made my day! 🙂

sindhu bhairavi, the viruttam kanduga madakariyai (It had the line summa irukkinRa tiram aridu and Sanjay sang naam ellorum summa irukkinRa tiram aridu 🙂 ) and the kurunji pieces gave a perfect ending to what’s one of the best concerts I have attended! Sanjay, you are the best! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s Concert

  1. VG

    Is the nATTakurunji piece on sangeethapriya that you are referring to the one where Sanjay announces the raagam priyadarshini after a really moving segment towards the end? Could you please share the URL where this is located?

    On a related vein, why do performers rarely announce the raagas during a concert?
    I can understand that they wouldn’t want to announce the details before the piece so that experts like yourself can take joy in identifying the raagam, but why not make a quick announcement afterwards? Knowing what you just listened to would enhance the concert experience a lot, at least for me. Why shut out the non-experts this way?


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