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For all those fans of Sanjay Subrahmanyan out there, in case you are not aware, he is one the judges for the finals of Ragamalika – the show on Jaya TV. Yesterday was the first episode of the finals. It will go on for another couple of weeks I guess. I started watching the show only after the first participant had started singing. By the way, that participant sang quite well and that was the reason why I paused channel surfing. Little did I expect to see Sanjay as the judge! Srinivas was the other judge. I have watched many shows where Srinivas was the judge and I have always found him to be a good judge.

As far as I know, generally, it’s only the judge who is a non-classical musician who sings/performs before the competition starts. But, it has been quite a long time since I last watched Ragamalika and I have no idea how it is nowadays. So, can anybody who watched the first segment of the show please tell me if by any chance, Sanjay sang anything in the first segment? Also please tell me what Srinivas sang. Thanks!

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  1. R.Saravanan

    Dear Aparna,

    Yeah yesterday evening only I came to know this so I plan to see it next week.I am not a big fan of these shows but would be interested to hear the tips that Sanjay sir might give…

    Thanks for the info…



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