It isn’t often that I keep PDND as my status message on GTalk. But every time I change my status to ‘PDND’, at least one person pings me & asks, ‘What’s PDND?’! Once, a Carnatic-music-crazy friend asked me, ‘Which raagam’s PDND (swarams) I am talking about’!! LOL! I think I should stop putting it as my status message.

P.S.: In case someone who doesn’t know what ‘PDND’ is, is reading this, it’s ‘Please Do Not Disturb’.

8 thoughts on “PDND

  1. puranjoy

    Well, the confusion is justified! You are being polite and adding a “Please”, whereas the rest of the world functions with a curt “DND”.
    Point being, be mean and curt! Politeness is seriously overrated, seriously.

  2. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog!


    When I started using IM, PDND was what I came across before DND. That’s why I use it. Now I think I’ll stick to DND itself


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