I have almost stopped all those scrapping & networking through Orkut. The craze for Orkutting that was there during the first few months when I joined it is long gone. I am in touch with hardly a few people in my friends list. Apart from the occasional exchange of Hi, Hello and wishing someone on their birthday, if at all I login to Orkut on that day and see the birthday notification, I am not doing much of Orkutting. These days I rarely get (s)craps. It has been a long time since I visited the n number of communities that I became a member of and used to be an active member too of some. The reason for this post: I logged into Orkut today after a long time and was just thinking about all these….

Btw, I saw a scrap from someone who wants to know how to become a friend. (?) Here it is:

If i say hi…….u may say whoz this…. if i ask for chat….u may say why??…. if i ask u for a coffee…..u may say wt rubbish…. if i say i liked ur profile……u may say m flattering u….. if i ask for frnship…….u may say how borin …… so can u plz suggest me hw to start wid …….

Any experts out there willing to give some suggestions? πŸ˜‰

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  1. karthik

    if u ask hw 2 strt wid… i will say ofcourse with a keyboard…
    if u say u hv 1 alrdy…I will say it is missing a lot of keys…


    if you ask how to start with… I will say ofcourse with a tomato soup… πŸ˜€

    I gave you two answers only in one comment only πŸ˜€

    kalaikarthukku nalla chance kedachrukku… waste panna koodathu…


  2. Ranjhith

    On seeing your post, I remembered abt the thing called Orkut & logged in. Nothing of this sort. Guys are pretty ambitious. πŸ™‚

    > If i say hi…….u may say whoz this….
    > …
    > .u may say how borin …… so can u plz
    > suggest me hw to start wid …….

    If you say “hi”, you thought I wud ask why? If you ask how to start with, you thought I wud give you ideas? How dumbo?? πŸ˜› ok. Gimme you phone number! πŸ™‚

    Good ones!

  3. Anonymous

    Well, this reminds me of what I used to tell my friends. Internet offers a lot and in fact more than what an individual needs. I have seen people signing up in various things such as these services. What I have observed is, people slowly get bored of these things and over time, they just “give up”. Some of these made more sense (or appeared useful) before signing up, than what they do after. There are two things I have seen people using very frequently on the internet. One of course is the email & instant messaging. And second the picture sharing (like Flickr etc). I think blogging and IP telephony will also be around for long time though they IP telephony may morph into something bigger and more indispensable.

    Here is when my observation started – I am one of those people who started using internet in nineties, when public awareness of the internet was practically nonexistent. The internet was available mostly in academic institutions and research labs (even those I am not sure how many). I still remember the days when I used the early versions of Netscape, and for that matter even its predecessor Mosaic. People in those days used to be crazy about “home page”. People liked to create home pages and it was a “trend” or considered to be a ‘cool thing” to do. But most of my friends who did it, at some point of time, abandoned their “home” pages, and I really doubt if some of them even maintain it today (and for that matter, if the home page even exists).

    I think blogging will be around for long time and the adoption (of blogging as an active hobby) will continue to grow. That brings me to the aspect I was thinking of other day – will people who take the time to blog today, continue to do so for a foreseeable future? Statistically speaking, why do people blog? Is it because they want them to be “heard”? or they want to have some interesting conversation going on? Or they want to share some of their experiences they consider would be of value? Or perhaps a combination of all these? And what demographics do the “active bloggers” represent (excluding people who blog for business purposes or promote their business ideas)?

    Any way, sorry for the deviation from the main discussion, but I think some of the features we get from the Internet are probably more than what most of us need. The blogger’s “disconnect” with ORKut can be explained based on that observation ..In fact it is a predisposition of mine that, some of the bloggers will give up blogging over time – changes (personal and professional) in life could be responsible for that, but some of them may really loose interest ..

    Last but not the least, my statements about people signing up for all the internet services should not be construed as a form of complaint or criticism by any definition of those terms…What I have written above is just an observation seeking validation and statistical advantage.

    Thanks for providing me with a column to express my views on this, and thanks for reading this comment.

  4. santhosh

    I’d have gone straight for the phone number! πŸ™‚
    Catching up with all my fav haunts after some hectic weeks….
    Btw, the new template looks really great. By far, the best one on your blog.

  5. Aparna

    πŸ™‚ Welcome to my blog!

    Yeah maybe


    πŸ™‚ These days I am not even in touch with most of my friends through Orkut


    Good name πŸ™‚
    Yeah I wonder if he would have got even one reply

    I wish that guy had got replies like this πŸ˜›

    Those were some interesting questions and observations. The reason why people blog is always an interesting topic in itself

    Yup. Welcome to my blog! Thanks for blogrolling me.

    πŸ™‚ Thanks. This theme is my fav of all the themes till now.

  6. puranjoy

    Where? πŸ™‚

    “Hmm”? That’s it? I just offered you a whole new life in a comment, and you say “Hmm”?
    Why do I have an idea that the phrase “for the keepers” either didn’t mean anything to you, or it touched somewhere important? Care to clarify?
    P.S.-When was the last time you got a reasonably long comment composed solely of interrogative sentences?

  7. Aparna

    Experience speaking? πŸ˜‰

    Waiting to get added by many girls? πŸ˜‰
    >That’s it?
    What else do you want me to say?
    >Why do I have an idea that the phrase β€œfor the keepers” either didn’t mean anything to you, or it touched somewhere important?
    Shouldn’t you be the one to tell me why you got the idea? πŸ˜›
    >Care to clarify?
    Why should I clarify?
    >When was the last time you got a reasonably long comment composed solely of interrogative sentences?
    Have I ever got a comment before having only interrogative sentences?
    P.S.: When was the last time you got a reply to your comment composed solely of interrogative sentences? πŸ˜›


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