Nice song!

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This Malayalam song, picha vecha naal is the one that I have been listening to, for the past 3 days. I have been hooked to a new song after a long time! Though this song, which seems to be based on many raagas, reminds one of so many other songs, yet there is something haunting about it. Soft, soothing & melodious! Shankar Mahadevan’s singing is the biggest plus of it. My most favourite part in the entire song is the humming at 2:38. The female singer, whoever she is, does just the humming in the entire song, yet her humming followed by that haunting dhirana dhirana & the swarams NDPM RMRP NDSNDMP sung by Shankar Mahadevan turns out to be the best part of the song!
The visual is full of vibrant colours and that’s what makes it good too.

P.S.: Thanks to Sreekrishnan for the link!

12 thoughts on “Nice song!

  1. Arunk

    To me it seemed to have shades of ritigowlai but mixed with other- some abheri/s.dhanyasi Nice. Perhaps it is something like srmpns/sndmpmgrs. The pns with da => abheri/s.dhanyasi and the sndm + pmgrs => r.gowlai.



  2. shradha

    Its an excellent song. I cant find the raagam because it has a mixture of Reethigoulai and other raagaas. Its starts something like….. SRPMP,PPP. Not very much like reethiguolai. Its very melodious and nice to listen .

  3. Aparna


    True. But I wish he stops singing all those gaana songs

    Oh. I didn’t even there’s a song like this. This is the first Malayalam song that I am listening to after a looong time.

    Thanks for the raagas! Reetigowlai was the only raaga I could identify in it.

    Welcome to my blog!

    Yes the picturization is very good! I didn’t expect that I’ll like the picturization!

    I didn’t know. Thanks!

  4. nirmal

    know what.. after a long time i ended up listening a malayalam song- which happens to be this one.. reminds me of deepak dev’s song-swayam vara chandrike from chronic just wanted to check whether they have the same raga.? do you know? let me know if you do.

  5. Sivakumar

    hi Aparna…I think our thoughts totally shrink….just I was searching for this song I saw ur blog with the same tag….


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