Need a break from ad breaks!

Friday: Some 2 hours of Rhythm
Saturday: Quantum of Solace (at theatre, of course) and Vivaah
Sunday: Jab We Met and some 2 and a half hours of Chupke Chupke
Monday: Anbe Sivam and Super Singer and again Anbe Sivam

Watching TV for so many hours, especially sitting through all those lengthy, boring breaks in between, makes one feel as though all one did during the entire day was watch TV! It is another fact that that is anyway the truth. I have had enough of watching the same old boring ads again and again. I am surely not watching anything on TV today except Super Singer.

8 thoughts on “Need a break from ad breaks!

  1. netcraze

    I wonder how did u complete watching Vivaah.The schedule was till 11:30 pm, yet I believe they dragged it to 12:30 am.

  2. Madhusudhanan.J

    Vivaah!!! I swear that was one moive after which I felt radhika Sarathkumar did a great job with Chitti!!Boring…loonng movie!!! Quantum Of Solace was another amazingly slow movie!!!Anbe Sivam now thats what you call a Movie!!! love that movie 🙂

  3. Aparna

    Didn’t it get over by 11:55 itself? I changed the channel thinking it was over

    Welcome to my blog!

    Had to Google to know about Tivo. It sure must be fun to skip the ads.

    Quantum of Solace was good.

    I did listen to Guzarish. More than the song, I like the humming part in it – the first promo.

    LOL! Vivaah was indeed too slow. And seemed like one andha kaala movie 🙂


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