Musical drought continues!

Believe it or not, it has been more than 6 months since I last went for a concert of Sanjay!!! 🙁 His concert at Anjaneyar temple, Alamelumangapuram on January 22nd was the last one I went to. I was not able to go for the next 4 concerts of his, the last of which was on March 29th. After that, there has been no concert of his in Madras!

In this gap, I would have gone for about 15 concerts or so, including a few of TMK too. (There are not many concerts of TMK either 🙁 ) But a few of those concerts though were great, were not as satisfying to me as Sanjay’s concerts are. Everyday I check ‘The Hindu’ first thing in the morning hoping to see some Sanjay’s concert listed there, only to be met with disappointment. I can’t wait for the days when there’s at least one concert of Sanjay and TMK every week, to come soon. The wait has become too long already!

9 thoughts on “Musical drought continues!

  1. purushkrishna

    Hi Aparna,,

    There s a concert of sanjay in madurai this friday.I will share the song details this weekend.

  2. Sridhar K

    Hi Aparna,
    The drought of master’s concert is too much to handle. I hope all this drought is properly quenched during the upcoming season. The Darbari Kaanda RTP (Charsur CD) and the evergreen Baghesri (Kalarasana 2007) is helping to overcome the lean period.

    There is a concert on 5/9 at KGS. Waiting desperately for that concert.

    Sridhar K

  3. Purushkrishna

    Hi Aparna,,

    I heard the concert thru mobile and he sang a wonderful RTP in neelamani(Pallavi:manadhil urudhi vendum).A wonderful abheri (nagumomu) as main and a thiruvarutpa in sriranjani (sub main)and few more pieces.Totally it was a grt concert.

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