It gives me joy and bliss. It cheers me up when I am sad. It can make my face light up with a smile even when my eyes are filled with tears. It’s the one I turn to when I want to be alone with my thoughts. It’s the one I seek solace in if things are not going great. It’s the one with which I celebrate every little happy moments of my life. It’s my best companion at all times. It is THE best thing to have happened to me. Music, what’s life without you? The magic created by the varied permutations and combinations of the seven notes is just amazing! Wishing all you music lovers out there a very happy world music day! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Music

  1. benly

    Hey wish u the same :-P. Did u listen to aayirathil oruvan? Its got a few good numbers. Also try listening to the Javed Ali song in vamanan. And 21st century breakdown, Green days new album. All this till the music of Blue hits the stores 😀

    Music reco for the day : Led Zeppelin’s D’yer Mak’er.

  2. usha

    what is life with out music??just can’s imagine it..i find music in everylittle activity i do.. I am a early raiser and love listening to the kukoo singing early morning..the sun is about to raise and the world is just waking up with out any other man made noise except the sounds of nature..

  3. Aparna

    Haven’t listened to Aayirathil oruvan yet. But I did read some good reviews of it. It’s going to be a long time before Blue hits the stores! Thanks for the music reco. 😛


    Usha aunty,
    🙂 I am happy that I too have finally become an early riser 😉

  4. Dandilsa

    It is THE biggest thing in my life too! I didn’t know about Music day. Thanks and wishes to you too..

  5. Srilatha Vijay

    Hi Aparna,

    Thanks a lot. Without music world would be hollow I guess. Hope you have a great day ahead.

    Srilatha vijay

  6. Sathej

    Thinking of it makes me true. Music – well, means a lot to me period..can’t possibly find words to elaborate.



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