Music that moves you

I typed the previous post as a message in my mobile while I was travelling by bus. After a long time, I listened to songs in my mobile today while travelling since I didn’t take any book with me. While I was typing that post, I wasn’t paying attention to the songs that were playing when a song that played caught my attention – A.R.Rahman’s Tum Ho Meri from Kabhi Na Kabhi – a song that suited my mood perfectly. I have no clue about what the lyrics were. It was the music that had me captivated. In fact, I am listening to that song properly for the first time only today. I wonder how Rahman manages to create music to suit every possible mood! It was yet another moment when I was moved by his music. The song matched my mood so well that I was listening to it non-stop till I got down from the bus. Rahman rocks! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Music that moves you

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  2. Aparna

    Maybe yes. But this weather is actually making me lazy. I would say this weather is making me want to sleep nicely than putting me deep in thought 😛

  3. sreekrishnan

    though i listen tothe a r r list mostly – somehow the lyrics and mahathi of Mudhal Mazhai song from bheema captivate me …perfect situation song as i look out thru the window !!

  4. Sathej

    SI would actually not sleep now. I don’t want to waste off this weather sleeping. Anyway, I do that always :). This weather – ya, you can say it makes one lazy, but puts me in a contemplative mood


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