8 thoughts on “Moon

  1. ranjhith

    This Moon is orangish!! Did it take any inspiration from the evening Sun. >:OP Hey then you hav written just with bare bones – plain & less interesting. Spice it up – I guess, you’ll have some horses in you! Unlace those! >:O)

  2. Sathej

    Yes,my brother noticed it and pointed out to me on Sunday night.I have seen it on quite a few ‘near’ – full moon days.

  3. bharath

    whenever i see the moon on full moon day it resembles a bit of sadness…isn’t…so wat makes moon sad(my perception…..) is it because sun has set??

  4. Aparna

    Yes this moon is orangish! I wrote it right after replying to your earlier comment. I guess that’s why I had written it as yellow.(Oops I am writing the colours wrongly!)
    Btw, I thought I would let the moon speak for itself 😉

    I will remember to see the moon on the near-full moon days in the future.

    Or is it because it will take one more month for it to come once again?

  5. bharath

    adding to the color(ful discussion)… sometimes i wonder why moon looks white…this is what stuck me “Sooriyan maraindhu vitathal vellai pudavai kattikondho indha nilavu”…but nothing like sitting in the beach on the full moon day..especially around 11ishh when very few people in the beach..

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