Missed the Kedaragowlai! :(

I returned from a weekend trip to Vaalpaarai and Topslip today morning. Had a great time there. Before I write about it, I want to be done with my rant first!

I keep ranting here often about how it is almost always Todi that I get to hear as the main in most of TMK’s concerts that I go to. I had written in my previous post on T.M.Krishna’s concert that when he started the Todi alapana, I felt like screaming ‘Somebody please tell Krishna that he should sing raagams other Todi as main more often!’ That was how desperate I was to listen to him sing some other raagam as main. And sing he did in his concert last Friday. That too one of my most favourite raagams, Kedaragowlai! But unfortunately, I missed the concert since I had to catch the train that evening. 🙁

Last Thursday, right from the moment I reached home from office till about 11 in the night and again on Friday morning till I left for work, I was continuously listening to TMK’s recordings! I listened to all my favourites except only one – the elaborate Kedaragowlai alapana followed by Saragunapalimpa! I just love that song! Just imagine how it would have been had I gone for that concert and heard him sing it live!! I can’t tell you how disappointed I am! 🙁

7 thoughts on “Missed the Kedaragowlai! :(

  1. R.Saravanan

    Dear Aparna,

    Very sorry to hear that but you all have an oppurtunity to hear to him live.But as far as we are concerned who are outside Chennai we have to enjoy what ever they provide us with.So don’t worry soon you will have the lost chance!!


  2. Ganesh Iyer

    Hi aparna,

    Reading your blogs – a few common interests – Carnatic music (especially Sanjay and TMK) and PG Wodehouse.

    As Saravanan said, you are lucky you are able to go to all the concerts being in Chennai.

    We who are outside Chennai have to depend on the recordings and we are all constantly ono the lookout for such concert recordings.

    Do you record these concerts


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