Michael Crichton’s Congo

Unputdownable and interesting! The one thing that I liked in the books of Michael Crichton that I have read till now, ‘Congo’ and ‘State of Fear’, is the way he presents the facts and findings from research, that runs into many paragraphs, in such a manner that it blends into the story and doesn’t make it even a single bit boring to read (how many of you agree?). In fact, I felt all those scientific research stuff made a pretty interesting read.

In ‘Congo’, there were many parts that I enjoyed a lot – the description of the African rainforest, the gorilla, Amy, saving Peter from the many other gorillas in ‘The Lost City of Zinj’, all the lead characters escaping from the cannibal tribes at the last minute and lots more. A great book indeed, though I liked none of the lead characters except maybe, Amy. 😉

10 thoughts on “Michael Crichton’s Congo

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  2. Mahesh

    I think he writes in the way of Arthur Hailey, who takes a subject and describes it from top to bottom with some very well done research. I am not a big fan of disaster / thriller / “Oh the world’s going ot end, Oh now it’s not” books like Congo, Jurassic Park etc

    However his Airframe is a classic. Considering airtravel is no longer a luxury affordable only bya few, people should have a read of this one.

  3. SK

    :–) Chrichton used to be my fav author when in college. I have read all his books, State of Fear is so not upto his standards. :–( I have read Jurassic Park like four times. As Puranjoy says, Timeline is one of his good ones.

  4. sreekrishnan

    Not read Michael Chritchton..except for Jurassic Park -which i read half when ireaslize speilberf is making a movie…moreover i think As Mahesh mentioned – he is got his formula more of Arthur Hailey – my las book was One or 2 of James H chase and all of Dan Browns !!

  5. Vijay Kumar

    I am guilty of seeing the movie first and then going for the book later (much much later) when it comes to Michael Crichton. Except for Jurassic Park, the rest of the movies did not do justice to the book. Congo was good in parts. I remember juicing up the story while narrating it to my lil sis… 🙂

    MC is a prolific writer though… Disclosure, Twister, Sphere, Timeline, several episodes of ER… different genres.

  6. Srikanth

    ‘State of Fear’ ?? On his writing – this is a not so up to the mark – the story is clearly looks artificial – not at all proper.

    On the global warming facts – his reasearch and presentation of facts is quite wonderful – See to warm a room itself we spend lot of energy – but nature just changes the climate of a 1000 sq.miles just like that (snapping my finger).

    Nature’s energy is awesome. Earth always keeps warming and cooling… Man with all his utmost effects cannot change anything. This is a tactic to slow down the growth of developing nations…

    Okay, nice one – keep up the good work.

  7. Aparna

    I haven’t read Arthur Hailey’s books. Tried reading one a few years back and found it boring. Maybe I should try reading it again now. For the next few months, I am might be reading only Crichton’s books till I finish reading all his books. So I will be reading Airframe soon.

    Finished a third one yesterday – ‘The Terminal Man’. Didn’t find it that great. I have just started reading ‘Rising Sun’. Will read Timeline and Prey after that.

    Oh. I tried reading a book of Crichton’s when in college and found it boring and didn’t read beyond 10 pages or so! I don’t even remember what book it was.

    Oh ok. Yes Amy is a gorilla.

    >my las book was One or 2 of James H chase and all of Dan Browns
    I guess you don’t read many books then….
    I didn’t like James Hadley Chase’s books too when I tried reading one a few years back. Dan Brown’s were good.

    Vijay Kumar,
    >rest of the movies did not do justice to the book
    This is the case with many books made into movies generally….
    I haven’t watched any of the movies except Jurassic Park.
    >I remember juicing up the story while narrating it to my lil sis…

    Oh I didn’t feel so.
    >his reasearch and presentation of facts is quite wonderful
    Hmmm yeah

    Try it soon 🙂


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