T.M.Krishna’s Concert
At Narada Gana Sabha on 18th December

T.K.V.Ramanujacharyulu – Violin
Karaikkudi Mani – Mridangam
V.Suresh – Ghatam

Concert Duration: 2.5 hrs

List of Songs:
1. bhavanutA – mOhanam – Adi – swarams at bhavanutA
2. krpajUcuTaku – cAyAtarangini – Adi
3. E pApamu – aTANa – misra cApu – AlApana; swarams at rAjaSEkhara
4. saraguNa pAlimpa – kEdAragowLai – AlApana; neraval at varaguNa sESAdri varada venkaTESwarA
tani Avartanam
5. RTP – bhairavi
pallavi: enakkavar sondamaDi gOvindanaDi mukundanaDi – rUpakam
swarams at enakkavar & gOvindanaDi
swarams in kamAs, sAmA, bEhAg
6. eppo varuvArO – jOnpuri – swarams at eppO varuvArO
7. venkaTAcala nilayam – sindhu bhairavi – rAgA outline
8. nI nAma rUpamulaku – sowrASTram

The concert started 15 minutes late because of some problem with sound system.

Even though the first three songs were great, needless to say, it was the kEdAragowLai that made my day! I was so happy that I was finally listening to kEdAragowLai main in TMK’s concert! 🙂 Couldn’t have enough of the neraval at varaguNa sESadri! I wish he had sung swarams too for it.

The RTP too was excellent! The swarams for the RTP were fast-paced. The swarams in kamAs, sAmA and bEhAg were so beautiful! The bEhAg swarams at enakkavar, the starting word of the pallavi line, followed by the swarams SNDPMGR at gOvindanaDi was nice.

eppo varuvArO and the fast-paced swarams for it were too good. It reminded me of the fast swarams he sang for sApaSyat at a concert in Vani Mahal during the last season.

All the three accompanists were excellent.

TMK has been in top form this Season! And this is making me wish all the more that so many Sanjay’s and TMK’s concerts didn’t have to be on the same days! Anyway, I am going for a concert of TMK today and am so happy! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Kedaragowlai!!!

  1. S. Krishnamoorthy

    You are right. TMK is in great form this season.
    I also heard his concert in NGS. The Kederagowla was superb.
    A word of appreciation to Ramanujacharlu is certainly due.
    S. Krishnamoorthy


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