kadavuL uLLamE

One scene that has always remained etched in my memory ever since I watched it as a kid is a scene from the song, ‘kadavuL uLLamE’ from the movie, ‘anbuLLa Rajnikanth’. I am sure almost all of you would have watched this song many times, since that used to be often shown on the programme, ‘oliyum oLiyum’ on DD.

The scene is where a stone lies on the middle of the road and many people just pass by it. But a blind boy who passes by the place, feeling an obstacle in the path with his stick, bends down, picks up the stone and throws it away to the side of the road so that it won’t obstruct anybody.

This is the scene that comes to my mind instantly whenever I see a stone obstructing my path while walking on the road. Remembering the scene, I immediately push it to the side of the road. But there are times when I don’t. I just walk past the stone and go minding my business like those other people in the song and I later start feeling guilty about it. In the past couple of weeks, I can remember two instances when I just walked past a stone without caring the least to push it away to the side. I even considered going back and doing that but I didn’t. But after that, I haven’t walked by a stone without ensuring that it isn’t going to obstruct anybody’s path.

I don’t know why but nowadays, I keep remembering this song often even though I can’t remember the last time I watched it. In fact, this was a song that I used avoid watching when I was a kid. I couldn’t bear to see so many children undergo the sufferings of life. Even now, all of a sudden, I remembered this song and that’s why this post….

I had written this post earlier in the day and I now found the video of this song in youtube and watched it. I was surprised when I read the note next to the video which mentioned about the blind boy putting aside the stone….

12 thoughts on “kadavuL uLLamE

  1. Vijay Ganesh

    They show this song in Isaiaruvi. I happened to see it last week and i also felt nostalgic. Infact, i recollected seeing this movie in Mayuram with my dad with harldly some 75 people in theatre !!!

  2. Sathej

    A nice post. Touching indeed. Haven’t heard the song as yet. Will do so soon. But, am not clear on one thing – if a stone is big enough to obstruct somebody’s path, wouldn’t it be difficult for one person to move it away? Or if it can easily be pushed aside, why would it obstruct the path? I don’t know..haven’t been in such a situation….haven’t seen the scene in the movie either….maybe that would help me understand. But, if one really were to extrapolate the idea, then it makes lots of sense to me. A stone could signify a problem/trouble and pushing it aside could mean relieving others of it-helping others, to put it in short. How many of us really care to help others when they need it the most? Debatable….

  3. Srikanth

    I couldn’t bear to see so many children undergo the sufferings of life.

    I’m moved. Such lines won’t come in writing unless it is truly felt in heart…

    May be the brain, the intellect separates man and animal… but its altruism, kindness, humanitarian feelings that qualifies people to divinity…

  4. Rukesh

    Hey Aparna,

    After a long gap….Hope you are doing good. A few hours back came to know abt the ARR’s concert. Tried getting a one(pass) but could not able to do as today is last day i heard. Also, could not able to come out of office before9pm.

    Any chances of getting one, if you/your friends possess extra passes,.

    Best Regards,
    Rukesh D


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