July Maadham

No this post is not about this month but about the song ‘July Maadham‘, which I am listening to on repeat mode now.

I was in my 8th semester and had to study for some exam. But I didn’t feel like studying at all. Now don’t ask me if I have ever studied for the semester exams willingly. 😛 When I was trying hard to concentrate, the music player started playing this song. (Most of the times, I used to either watch TV or listen to music while studying) And then what happened was I started studying with full concentration! I started listening to this song on repeat mode and continued studying.

Now one may wonder how the hell did listening to lines like ‘July maadham vandhaal jODi serum vayasu‘, which, by the way, SPB and Anupama would have sung in an amazing way with all the feel and energy needed for it, would cause any motivation to make one study! 😛 aruvai apart, isn’t music even above lyrics? It had been quite sometime since I listened to this song before that day and somehow the song sounded so beautiful like never before! Just listen to the guitar that is there throughout the song and all those wonderful guitar and piano interludes and foot-tapping beats! Amazing! The music somehow seemed to give me the much-needed motivation. That’s the magic of Rahman’s music!! Rahman rocks! 🙂

It was only from that day that this song, from being one of my favourite songs, suddenly became one of my moooost favourite songs. 😀 From that day onwards, it is only rarely that I don’t listen to this song on repeat mode once I start listening to it! I love this song! I have been listening to it on loop for more than an hour now!

10 thoughts on “July Maadham

  1. Sathej

    Oh, an hour 🙂 Somehow, whatever the music is, I just can’t study or do anything else with music in the background. Even while browsing, sometimes I start off some music in the background and then find myself saying “No, this is not the way to listen.” Sigh..If only I knew how to do that..I could listen to a lot more music. Its another thing that I don’t like listening to music on headphones, always use speakers. Anyway…. 🙂

  2. Benly

    Its one of my fav song tooo :). I like the stanzas better than the start. Amazing song, like every other Rahman song.

    @ Sathej – U need to listen to Rahman songs using a good head/ear fones ( Good speakers are good, but still :D) to feel the magic of Rahman. Everytime u listen , u will listen to something new, even after 15 years :). Trust me.

  3. Dinesh

    You have to be carefuly, because once you get a song into your head it is difficult to take it out. The song will keep playing in your head automatically whatever you do. It is a nice song by the way.

  4. kumar.s.r

    Aparna ,

    I too love this song , especially the Fretless Bass which blends the Pallavi (after 1st charanam) with the 2nd interlude . Simply wonderful !!!!

  5. Aparna


    Earlier I too used to like the stanzas more than the start. Now I love every bit of the
    song 😉 Yes every Rahman song has to be listened on head phones at least once

    This song is from Pudhiya Mugam!

    Welcome to my blog! That keeps happening with a lot of songs for me 😉


    Welcome to my blog! Yes it’s superb

    Yes 🙂 Btw, belated welcome to my blog! Forgot to reply to your comment in my old blog!

    You haven’t listened to this song? :O It’s from Pudhiya Mugam.


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