It’s Monday already!

That’s how I felt when I woke up today morning. Am coming to work after 5 days. Yes! Thanks to Vinayaka Chathurti and a couple of comp-offs that I had, I had 5 days holidays. 😀 Trip to Kanchipuram, kutcheris, lotsa shopping 😀 , friend’s engagement, music class, 4 Mani Ratnam movies on TV (though I didn’t watch even a single one fully!), Carnatic music and vetti browsing! And the 5 days seem to have passed by in a jiffy! 😉 The days before the looong weekend had been very busy ones too with me having had lotsa work and work apart, me going for a couple of kutcheris, attending a wedding reception and a friend’s engagement and catching up with some old friends after a long time. It seems to be the end of busy days now. And I am now relaxing listening to T.N.Seshagopalan’s Dwijavanti RTP. 😉

I might have woken up today saying that it’s Monday already but now I can’t help saying that it’s just Monday and the weekend is 5 long days away! 😉 😛

10 thoughts on “It’s Monday already!

  1. Sathej

    Oh a great time indeed 🙂 TNS’ Dwijavanthi RTP is really soothing esp the Pallavi rendition. Me been really busy so far. This week promises to be a little light and so am planning to just relax at home 🙂

  2. naane

    hmm! I remember those days… receptions, marriages, music events, etc… Its a phase in life that occurs after studies during our 1st or 2nd job – friends from college, school, work, neighborhood who belong to our age group get married and settle in life. We go through this phase of witnessing those beautiful moments. After that there is a silence period.
    Then a new wave of invitation comes to us – baby shower, kids birthday parties :)… which takes away our weekends.

    Just reminded of a quote by Abraham Lincon. Though it might have had a different context, I thought it may add some dimension to your blog. I left out the last part of his quote to make it relevent here.

    “It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence, to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: “And this, too, shall pass away.” ”

    So, make use of every moment to its fullest, because “this too shall pass”.

  3. Aparna

    🙂 I want to watch it too. I heard the movie is very good.

    Hope you are relaxing 😉

    Yes 🙂

    Flashback? 😉
    A very quote indeed! Thanks.

  4. Sami

    Cool ! Me too got 5 days leave and roamed a lot across states ! Sad part is that am not able to click many photos 🙁 Any post on kanchipuram temples (ofcourse with stills)?

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