I don’t like….

I feel I have written a bit too much about things I like. For a change, here are some of the things that I don’t like:
1. People letting their mobile phones ring loudly in concerts, temples and movies. It’s high time the silent/vibrating mode in phones is put to use.
2. Not following the queue.
3. Sutthi vaLaicchu paesaradhu – I am a frank person. If I like/don’t like someone/something, I say it straight away and expect others to do the same. If you want to say something, just say it, don’t sugar-coat things.
4. People smoking/drinking – God knows what pleasure they find in that!
5. People not following the traffic rules

11 thoughts on “I don’t like….

  1. Sathej

    People sometimes even go the extent of talking on their phones during a Kutcheri.There was once this incident in a lecture demonstration by Shri TN Krishnan on Kharaharapriya at Ragasudha Hall.He was playing a soothing Alapana when one person’s phone sounded.At first,many ignored it.Then,it repeated a second time,a third time,…People started to look in his direction but no one had any courage to request him to switch it off.I think he did not know how make it silent or switch it off(he was an elderly person).He did not want to go out either.The phone kept ringing for atleast 6-7 times which forced Shri TNK to look up.He made a questioning gesture.The person finally got up and left.This was one thing that really irritated me.
    By the way,did you attend TMK’s Kutcheri yesterday at Hamsadhwani?His Shankarabharanam was outstanding.It is the second time I heard Akshayalinga Vibho in a week at the same venue(last week,it was Shri Sanjay).But,TMK’s wonderful Neraval made it worthwhile.He truly has one of the best Neravals today.He makes it a detailed one for atleast 10 minutes.Shri Vittal Ramamurthy on the violin,Shri Thiruvarur Bhathavathsalam(Mridangam) and Shri Purushothaman(Kanjira) were the accompanists.Bhairavi Ata Tala Varnam and Aparama Bhakti(Panthuvarali) were some of the other pieces.And he sang a Karnataka Kapi Varnam(popularised by Shri KV Narayanaswamy) as it was KVN day.

  2. Aparna

    I too have seen people talking over their phones in the midst of concerts many times without caring abut what others think. It highly irritates me.
    Btw, the last concert that I went to was Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s R.R.Sabha concert. After that I couldn’t go to any concert 🙁 I saw your comment in Ram’s blog about Sanjay’s Hamsadhwani concert. Seems like I have missed two great concerts at Hamsadhwani. Thanks for letting me know about TMK’s concert.

  3. BigEasy

    You can dislike smoking/drinking. But I don’t see how you can dislike PEOPLE smoking/drinking. Its their personal choice. If they like it, its their choice to do it. The other things that you have listed are acceptable because they affect you as a person. ( a telephone ringing might affect your concentration, or a person not following the traffic rules might cause you the trouble of a traffic jam). But I don’t understand why you should dislike PEOPLE drinking when that has nothing to do with you. Maybe you just dislike people drinking and then passing out on the streets or something? Just trying to clear misconceptions that people generally have about drinking.

  4. Aparna

    First of all, take it easy. I meant to say I don’t like smoking/drinking only. When I say I don’t like people drinking/smoking, all I meant was these are some of the things that I don’t like. Maybe I should have written it more clearly. As you have said, it is their choice to drink/smoke. At the end of the day, it is going to affect them, not me unless that person is someone I know.

  5. Aparna


    I was not satisfied with what I had replied to your comment earlier. In fact, I don’t know why I typed this Take it easy and all. So, I will clarify things further. I will tell you how PEOPLE smoking/drinking affect me. Isn’t passive smoking equally harmful? Let’s say my neighbour smokes/drinks. Isn’t that going to affect me? I have experienced it and I can tell you what nuisance it is when your neighbour smokes/drinks. Just because he wants to have ‘fun’, I am forced to inhale the smoke. And as for drinks, unless that person is not driving after getting drunk or doesn’t pass out on the streets, I don’t care about it. If he/she gets addicted to it, it is going to affect him/her and his/her loved ones.

  6. BigEasy

    As you said if a person drinks too much, its he who is going to suffer. It was a choice that he made, just like how someone might choose to eat a whole lot of oily food( and be at risk of heart diseases). The point is, as long as it is not affecting you, I don’t think it is fair to dislike someone from doing something.

    I got into this whole argument about drinking because I feel that drinking has been given a bad rap in Indian society of late. And for this I blame Indian movies and their sterotyping of all people evil as being drunkards. People can be evil for many reasons. You don’t need to drink to be evil. This image has sunk into people’s psyche so much that the very name of alcohol elicits feelings of anger and hate. Alcohol as is any other item is tasty and enjoyable in moderation.

    Of course you might hate people drinking because you care about them and don’t want them to be in a situation where they might be prone to be addicted. If so I apologize for this rant.

    As far as smoking goes, if you are affected by passive smoke, you defintly have a case.

    Anyways you have a good blog going. Keep them coming.

    – be –

  7. Aparna

    No need to apologize. Anyway, I didn’t get influenced by movies and I don’t think drunkards are evil. As you have said, I don’t like people drinking because I care about them. Besides, that is one habit that I don’t like. That’s it! Now that things are clarified, I guess we can put an end to this ‘argument’.

    And Thanks and do keep reading my blog.

  8. Aparna

    I don’t hate people who eat meat. If I say that I hate or don’t like (hate is too strong a word) people who eat meat, then I guess the number of people I hate in this world will be more than the number of people I like!! Anyway, I am a vegetarian and vegetarianism is one thing that I feel very strongly about. But, I have absolutely nothing against those who eat meat.


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