Ghajini Songs

Kaise Mujhe (Instrumental)/Kaise Mujhe – Benny Dayal, Shreya Goshal

From being a boring song after the first listening, this song has gone on to become what I would call a haunting melody, the kind of song that lingers in your mind long after you have stopped listening to it and transforms you to a sort of tranquil state. At least that’s what it has done to me. But, it wasn’t the vocal, but the instrumental version, that did that to me. The flute parts are so beautiful! I started enjoying the vocal version only after the instrumental version had me mesmerized by it.

Aye Bachchoo – Suzanne

This song is in complete contrast to Kaise Mujhe. I liked it instantly the first time I listened to it. Makes you want to increase the volume, sit back, tap your feet and enjoy.

Guzarish – Javed Ali, Sonu Nigam

The humming in this song that was there in the first trailer of this movie had me hooked to it big time that there have been days when I have spent something like half an hour or so listening to just the trailer on a loop! I was very eagerly waiting for the audio of Ghajini to release soon just for listening to this song. After listening to the full song, the humming parts are the ones that I still find to be the best part of the song. Sonu Nigam rocks!

Behka – Karthik

I am listening to it on repeat mode now. Excellent song! Karthik has sung it really well. I like the way the music of Guzarish has been beautifully blended in between in this song.

Latoo – Shreya Goshal & backing/additional vocal by many more singers

Super song! All the singers are amazing in this song! I just loved the Yaar Yaar Yaar Mera Yaar parts and the transition from yaar yaar to O Palak Kyun.

With yet another treat from Rahman for us Rahmaniacs this year, 2008 is always going to remain a year that we Rahmaniacs will fondly remember for years to come. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Rahman! πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Ghajini Songs

  1. Siva

    well rahman is now responsible for making hindi popular in TN..gud this even the politicians didnt succeed…now pls dont anyone say music has no language..blah blah..i differ..

  2. Madhusudhanan.J

    ARR Rocks!!! Behka …the best of the lot!! the part where there is this jazz goin on!!! Sivamani na drummer??? awesome song!! Whoever said Ghajini wasn’t good has to get a life!!! wat say??? NOt to forget he has brought in al genres in!!!we never heard songs like humma humma ! or a arabic kadalooram πŸ™‚ or bekha πŸ˜›

  3. sreekrishnan

    Dont you think behka sounds like Main Aisa Kyon Hoon? Though this is my favourite ! Guzarish was the initial pick but just stays in the same level.

    Aye Bacchoo and Lattoo are not so good with words – but i think the tune is tooo good ! Aye bacchu ‘s Guitar and enthu or Lattoo’s retro feel is amazing ! … quite surprising infact to know how this can grow later.

    Surprisingly grows on you !!

  4. benly

    Nice review. Boss rocks!i liked all the songs as usual. I actually like the way benny sounds in high pitch. He tries to sing like boss :-). Shreya’s humming is as haunting as the flute version. Overall, a great year for rahmaniacs n music lovers.

  5. Roopa

    I am haunted by sonu nigam’s humming in Guzarish…. followed by the beats ,, really ARR rocks…. what a life in the song

  6. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog!

    I still don’t have one particular song as my favourite. Like all the songs very much!

    Main Aisa Kyun Hoon? Don’t think so.

    True. Those two are songs that I seem to like more and more with each listening!

    Thank you. Hope the songs have grown on you now πŸ˜‰

    > He tries to sing like boss
    Didn’t feel so.

    Yes πŸ™‚

    Am haunted by it too πŸ™‚

  7. Rukesh

    Hi aparna..

    After repeated listening to guzarish..i hav put a break and now i am listening to behka and latto in loop… after a day …latto is becoming one of my fav song…

    Rukesh D

  8. sanjana

    has anyone heard this amazing song from sakarakatti marudhaani!omg!
    a r rahman !!!toooo god! speechless! amazing!
    i mean ! has anyone heard the swaras he sing in dil ka rishta from yuvvraaj?
    huh! reaaly! adictionary is not enough to describe!

  9. sanjana

    Hey! wassup?A quiz for u on this clues.Answer each question within 1 minute,then u r loyal fans of AR honest with this quiz.enter ur answers before january the 1st.These questions have multiple answers but there is only one expected answer.I will reveal the answers on jan 1.

    Q1)name the song of AR rahman which is the name of a place.
    Q2)name the song of AR rahman which is related to rivers.
    Q3)name the song of AR rahman which has the name of an actress in its first line.
    Q4)name the song of AR rahman which has a month’s name in it.
    Q5)name the song of AR rahman which has the name of a place in USA.
    Q6)name the song of AR rahman which is also a relation to a person.
    Q7)name the song of AR rahman which starts with swaras of carnatic music.
    Q8)name the song of AR rahman which starts with a way of addressing a person,part of a leaf.
    Q9)name the song of AR rahman which starts with the name of a girl.
    Q10)name the song of AR rahman which is the name of a term related with oceans.

  10. Ashraf

    there is only one man who can create magic out of music….who can make you listen to original songs and who can make you feel what music is all about….and on top of it he will make you remember his songs for decades… he is none other than the musical maestro
    A R Rahman…. the music of ghajini is amazing… not all songs rock… but guzarish,behka and kaise mujhe tum mile.. definately make you feel heaven…..rahman’s given the best music possible to the film… especially the singers are new, fresh and treat to the ears…

    Rahman rocks


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