Dilli 6

Can’t stop listening to the songs!! How would you feel if one song after another seems to be better than the previous one that, at the end of listening to it all, you are left confused about which song you should next listen to again? Amazing songs! After Jodha Akbar, this is the only ARR’s album that I liked as much as that one (Or maybe even more!)!

9 thoughts on “Dilli 6

  1. R Sathyamurthy

    I just sent a mail to you with a link to download the songs and you have already made a post of that music.


    I am yet to listen. Just completed the download and listened to Noor rendered in the voice of Amitabh.

  2. Aparna

    I buy CDs

    Same here. Can’t wait for the CDs to be out soon

    πŸ˜€ Right now, it’s Genda Phool! Sometime back, it was Rehna Tu! Before that, Masakalli πŸ˜€ Which is your fav?


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