Cheeni Kum

Being a person who hardly watches 4-5 new movies in theatre every year, I generally wait for a movie to be screened on TV to watch it. And that too these days, since all the new Hindi movies are shown on TV within 6-7 months of their release itself, I get to watch those ‘soon’. So after a long time, I watched a ‘new’ Hindi movie on TV last Sunday – Cheeni Kum telecast on Sony. The main reason why I wanted to watch this film even though I knew the story will never appeal to me was the cast and the crew of the film.

What I liked in the movie:

  • Tabu, whose acting I have always admired, suited the role so well and as usual has given a wonderful performance. I loved her costumes too.
  • P C Sreeram’s cinematography!
  • Ilayaraja’s songs and BGM were brilliant! And what with Shreya Goshal singing the songs! I didn’t like Vijay Prakash’s singing (song – Cheeni Kum) though.
  • Dialogues were good too here and there.
  • The kid acted well too
  • The climax when Amitabh repents that he was selfish and didn’t wish for the recovery of the girl

What I didn’t like:

  • The second half was dragging and boring.
  • This became yet-another-movie with the introduction a kid with a terminal illness. How many times have we been made to sympathize the characters on their deathbed, trying to appear cheerful and as though they are enjoying their lives even though they know their end is nearing soon??
  • Tabu telling her father that she will marry Amitabh even if her father kills himself!
  • Amitabh’s line of reasoning to Paresh Rawal didn’t appeal to me either.

So how did you all like the movie?

7 thoughts on “Cheeni Kum

  1. sangs

    too bland.but tabu,was good.And regarding the story line,to each his own 🙂 man sets the rules,man modifies the rules,adjusts the rules..alls fair in love 😉


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