12 thoughts on “Blues

  1. Venkat

    I’m feeling bored for the last three days… I have nothing to do… Its sort of a “house arrest” for me even though I have my new bike ( courtesy – my parents are out of the town and my grandmother is ill ).. Just watched a few sitcoms and shows that I downloaded and I cleaned my aquarium..

    Now why am I telling you all this? Well I felt this would be a better way of asking you to engage yourself in something 😉

  2. Aparna


    Was trying to be happy despite the blues. Hence that smiley

    What if I tell you I am feeling the blues despite engaging myself in things? 😉


  3. Gayathri

    I get the blues on Sunday evenings. Need to start preparing for the Monday, you see. 😛
    But, I am happy today. Long weekend this week. 🙂 Half the people have already left work! (It’s 11 35 am here.)

  4. Aparna

    I get the blues on Sunday evenings too. The weekend always seems to be end so quickly.

    That’s great! Happy weekend! 🙂 Why don’t you also leave work now itself?

  5. Benly

    Sigh!!! People have all the time in the world to feel blue :(. and here i am working day in and day out for the last 6 months.. no time to get bored, no time to feel blue and complain. :(. Blogs are the only things that help me relax 🙁

    he he… now, i am kinda feeling blue and red and all that 😀

  6. prabhuraj

    Hi aparna,

    this is prabhu..prabhu rajK frm bangalore.

    i also love chennai like you

    and congrats : when i gogole with the keyword ”
    kannathil muthamittal shots ” your blog is coming..its really stunning.

    Tat film screened and won many awards in world’s A grade and other film festivals.

    Your artiles are very interesting..and im really proud of ur consistency..hmmmm

    Best of LUK


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