Blogger’s Block

I am hating it! 3 long months and still the block just doesn’t seem to go away! This is the reason for the long gaps between posts during the last 3 months. I write 2-3 posts continuously and after that this block seems to come all of a sudden out of nowhere! There are so many half-written posts in my drafts that I have not been able to complete! I really hope that this block goes away soon! Incidentally, I realized while intro/retrospecting, about which I had mentioned in my previous post, that this was also one of the reasons for my boredom!

5 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. Sathej

    Hmm..true. Posts have been rare these days. It happens though at times. But with comments flowing in, motivation should not be a problem, I guess. But yes, writer’s block, blogger’s block et al happen.

  2. Venkat

    Even I suffer with this block… Sometimes I want to blog but then something stops me.. Even I’m pretty irregular with my blogging activity… Pretty much happens with non-niche bloggers I guess…

  3. Aparna


    You too?


    Oh. Hope you come out of the block soon! Btw, I am sure niche or non-niche blogging has nothing to do with this. Because it is not as though I have no idea what to write a post about. The prob in my case is not being able to write a full post…


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