pudhu veLLai mazhai, kummi aDi, uyirum neeye, thenmaerkku paruva kaaRRu, en veeTTu thoaTTattil, mellisaiye, azhage sugama, tu bin bataye – Pure Bliss!! Listening to tu bin bataye on a loop now! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bliss!

  1. sanjana

    no way!
    u guys are nothing. there’s no one in this galaxy who is a more loyal and crazy fan of dileep kumar’s/a r rahman’s music than me.i am a thirteen year old , this craze started about 8 years ago,around when roja and few of his very first projects released.i listen to at least 5 of his songs many times in a day, leaving 3 hours for just listening to his genius music!i am a member of his site. did any of you bother joining?? his music is addictive!!u guys are nothing for being a fan!

  2. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog!

    You may be an ardent fan of Rahman but please don’t leave comments in my blog like that one about other music directors’ works. I had to delete that comment of yours.


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