ARR Unplugged

Inspite of knowing that ARR’s unplugged concert was going to be telecast on DD last Sunday, I totally forgot about it and realized that I had forgotten to watch it only when I saw the messages in the group the next day! 🙁 I finally found the time to watch the videos today and I just loved it! 🙂 There should be more performances like this!

I switched on the computer planning to just check my mail and maybe read a few blogposts and then go to sleep early. But the result of watching the videos was that all I wanted to do was to just listen to his songs.

Dheemi Dheemi, Rang De Basanti, July Madham, If You Wanna Come Along, Puttham Pudhu Bhoomi, Spirit of Unity concert theme, Hey Goodbye Nanba, Andha Arabic, Aayo Re Sakhi, Veerapandi Kottayile, Like an Eagle, Chayya Chayya, Latika’s Theme, Muppadhu Nimidam, Mayya Mayya, Barso Re and the list goes on! I want to listen to all this and more right now, even while I am busy copying song after song of ARR to my mp3 player!

P.S: Writing this post has made me reminisce about how this blog was a couple of years back – when almost every alternate post of mine was on ARR’s music and the frequency of posts in this blog itself was much better than what it is now!

4 thoughts on “ARR Unplugged

  1. Shyamala

    Hi aparna,

    i have been reading through your posts for some time now. I must say its a very interesing blog site which indicates you are a very interesting person with varied interests and passions.
    Your writings make me feel connected to chennai and also music in more than one way.

    I love carnatic music but my knowledge is very limited. Your blogs inspire me to know more !!!

    I was just curious to know that you are such a music admirer but i have never seen you mention ilayaraja at all. Do you not fancy his compositions ??

    Best Regards

  2. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog! Thank you!

    I like Ilayaraja’s songs too. Have lots of favourites! I have mentioned about quite a few of his songs in my posts. Browse through the old posts under ‘Music’ category & you can find those.

  3. Umesh

    Hi Aparna,

    Happy to see another ARR’s blog :). This is my first visit to ur blog. Looking foward to ur articles …
    keep going 🙂
    All the best


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