Akkarai Sisters – Violin Duet

Akkarai Sisters – Subhalakshmi & Swaranalatha – Violin duet
Tiruvarur Vaidyanathan – Mridangam
S Karthick – Ghatam

When & where? – Dakshinamurthy Auditorium on 29th November

This happens to be the first concert of the Sisters I am going to. I went to this concert too only an hour after the concert had started. In complete contrast to the previous concert, this time I was the only one sitting on a whole row. So I was able to enjoy the concert without any disturbances. The sisters were playing swarams in Latangi when I reached. Here’s the partial song list: (As usual, in case anyone knows the full list, please do let me know)

1. Mariveregati – Latangi
2. Manavyala – Nalinakanti
3. Mariveregati – Ananda Bhairavi
4. Sankarabharanam – (didn’t know the song!) – the main piece of the concert
5. Kalai amudam – Neelamani – composed by the sisters’ grandfather, Sivasubramania Pillai
6. Sindhu Bhairavi (don’t remember the song)
7. Tillana – don’t remember the raaga

While all the alapanas were played by Subhalakshmi, Swarnalatha joined her in playing the songs and occasionally swarams. Apart from Sankarabharanam and Ananda Bhairavi alapana, a raga sketch was played for Nalinakanti and Sindhu Bhairavi.

The Sisters played quite well and I am looking forward to attending more concerts of theirs in the future.

8 thoughts on “Akkarai Sisters – Violin Duet

  1. Sathej

    Hmm, two Marivere Krithis. Marivere in Shanmukhapriya would have rounded it off maybe:) Flute Ramani Mama plays like this sometimes. Akkarai Subhalakshmi-she has good Raga Lakshanams. Nice blend of styles in her playing.

  2. Sriram

    Thats nice to hear a detailed description of kutcheris… miss them a lot… unable to catch up with the concerts during weekdays. Did u get a chance to attend Sanjay Subramanyam’s kutcheri at Music Academy mini hall last saturday (Dec 01, 07)?

  3. Aparna

    Maybe they sang it in the first one hour of the concert 🙂

    Welcome to my blog 🙂 Yes I did. Will be posting about the concert soon.

  4. Sathej

    Oh yes, that concert of Sanjay’s had a great list, I am told – Sama main and so on. By the way, his concert yesterday at Karthik Fine Arts did not leave me enthused at all. Excepting the Sahana RTP which was decent, the rest was not upto his standards.

  5. Sathej

    Sahana RTP was just for 35 minutes – Pallavi was Bhaktharukku Saha naan sadhguru vin malaradi paniyum”. Main was Madhyamavathi – Saravanabhava. I didn’t find the concert very interesting. The list was too monotonous. I should have come for TMK maybe. Janaranjani RTP?! Quite sometime since he tried something like that.

  6. ganesh

    hai subbulakshmi &swaranalatha ….

    last week i arrived tanjavur thiruvaiur thiyagaraja arathana .in that place i saw you our program .its excellent program …….


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