Ajith’s Interview on Sun TV

Apart from Madhavan’s interviews, which did not have anything new or interesting, Ajith’s interviews on Sun TV and Vijay TV were the only other special New Year programmes that I watched.

I really liked Ajith’s Sun TV interview a lot. He spoke so frankly about everything from the supposed competition that exists between him and Vijay, the relationship he shares with his directors, his attitude, his fans, his family, his passion for racing to even the SMSes about him that come on Sun Music! 🙂 I am sure the way he talked so proudly about his fans and their loyalty to him would have made all his true fans very happy. 2007 saw Ajith looking quite handsome in Kireedam and then so stylish in Billa. In this interview too, he looked handsome in a white blazer with a graying beard and a smile on his face about which a lot was discussed. His way of speaking reminded me of Raghuvaran’s. Though he did speak on some more topics, his interview on Vijay TV became somewhat a repetition of the Sun TV one.

As I had commented in Sreekrishnan’s blog sometime back, the fact that amidst all the criticisms by the people from the industry, Ajith pursued his passion-racing when his career was at a peak, and how he has now managed to prove that his passion had not come in the way of his acting skills is one thing that I have always admired about Ajith! As Ajith rightly said in that interview, people didn’t encourage him when he was participating in races and are asking him about his car racing now, when he is not participating in it anymore!

Given a choice, I would definitely prefer watching an Ajith’s movie to Vijay’s. I hope he acts in more good films in the future.

Just when I was typing this post, I got a forward that Shalini gave birth to a girl child today. Here’s wishing the couple and the baby a great future filled with loads of happiness!

9 thoughts on “Ajith’s Interview on Sun TV

  1. T.U.Dinesh

    ajith definitly looks best only with the blazers and the beard …

    see … once again u r comparing ajith and vijay … ajith and vijay dont act in the same kind of movies then why do u choose between them ?

    ajith never ruled the market … even in his career peak a.k.a the mugavari, vaali days he was an average hero … only when he stepped into the huge hero image he started facing downfall in the industry. its only after the downfall in films and racing he got back with movies like kireedam and billa where he hasn’t used any of the ‘mass’ ingredients. and he never went into racing when his career was in the peak.

    i swear i am no vijay fan either.

  2. sangs

    Ajit has finally found which look and what weight suits him after Kireedom.Looks good in both Billa and Kireedom.The last I read of him,he was planning to remake Sakalakala vallavan.God,while Vijay is remaking Telugu hits..I just hope Ajit doesnt start a trend of remaking Tamizh movies itself 😛
    Missed the interview,though.will try n watch it online.

  3. Srikanth

    He spoke so frankly

    I know he is a good man… can’t act before the camera (no pun :)) )

    In acting, his voice is the most negative thing, otherwise he is a good actor. Sometimes I feel his presence in the screen is too mild – milder than mohan (of the old days) – Though he tries to do action like others, I always feel its a bit awkward.

  4. Arjun

    well ajith might hav nailed the interview,
    but the guys sucks at acting, no skills, no nothing,
    he portrays unversatility. seriously. Billa was horrendous, with ajith’s so-so acting and nayantharas’s ultra exposed body (altho i liked it :P). he flopped the movie. he just has to leave this tough guy look kinda acting to other actors,(vikram) and just go for the cliche, young guy in love attitude.
    on top of that the songs were terribly “ear-unfriendly”.
    well u see talking bout ajith makes me spill evrything i think bout the acting,
    and the movie. hah,
    just givin ma opinion.

    wat do u thing bout the movie aparna.

  5. Aparna

    You are right. But the reason why I choose between them is only based on their looks not on the movies they act in 😉
    >and he never went into racing when his career was in the peak.
    Oh is it? Atleast his movies weren’t a flop at that time

    Yeah. Most of he times, remakes are boring. Hope you watched the interview later.

    Thanks 🙂 Seems like you are a big fan of Ajith 😉

    I found his speaking style to be different from what it is in the movies. It sounds better when he speaks naturally than in movies


    Welcome to my blog! I haven’t watched Billa yet.

    Hope your preaching had some effect 😉

    The next time you write a post on Ajith’s movie, think twice about what Sreekrishnan might comment before posting it 😛


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