Adikaara Nandi at Kapaleeswarar Temple

The deities, the huge flower garlands adorning them, the Nadaswaram, the band, the kolams on the Mada veedis, the devotees thronging the Mada veedis to get a darshan of Kapaleeswara, the traffic diversions, the pandals on the Mada veedis where the deities rest for a while, the koDa rATnams/merry-go-round, etc. – It’s that time of the year when Mylapore has an aura of festivity and divinity to it with the Panguni Festival on at Kapaleeswarar temple and today is the day of Adikaara Nandi. The deities are taken out in procession at around 6:00 in the morning. I went there at around 8:00 am and saw the deities in procession at South Mada Street.

Lord Vinayaka:

He is followed by Kapaleeswarar & Karpagambal on the Adikaara Nandi:

The sight of Kapaleeswarar and Karpagambal on the Adikaara Nandi being carried to the music by band and the beats of drums is indeed grandeur personified!

The beautiful deities adorned with lovely jewels and colourful flowers, the floral crown of Kapaleeswara, the beautiful idols of parrots on either sides and above all, the majestic Adikaara Nandi! Wow! Notice how even the deer in Nandi’s hand looks so beautiful!

Notice how the rear of Kapaleeswarar riding on the Adikaara Nandi is beautifully decorated with flowers too:

Following the Adikaara Nandi are Karpagambal & Subramanya:


Karpagambal up close:

Bringing an end to the procession is Chandikeswarar:

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6 thoughts on “Adikaara Nandi at Kapaleeswarar Temple

  1. parantharami mani

    Hai aparna,

    The Adikara Nandi was designed and built in the year 1919 by the family of Dandarai Vaithiyar who live very near to the temple. Even now there family get the first ritual rights before the deity moves out of the temple to the mada veethis.

  2. Heike Meier

    Dear Aparna,

    I’m the Picture Editor of the Asian Art Museum in Berlin. The bottom picture “Bringing an end to the procession is Chandikeswarar” of your post on March 30, 2012 pleases a curator of the museum very much.
    Do you know who owns the copyright for the photo? I’m looking for the picture in a high-resolution version.
    I would be very happy about your help.
    With kind regards
    Heike Meier

    1. Heike Meier

      Dear Aparna,

      I would like to use your beautiful picture for our permanent exhibition of the Asian Museum of Art.
      Could you answer me on my e-mail address?
      The deadline for the pictures expires. So I’m happy about a quick answer.
      Best regards

      1. admin Post author

        Hi Heike,

        Sorry I haven’t been checking my blog for quite sometime now. Glad that you want to use the photo for the exhibition. I have e-mailed you the photo. Please do let me know in case you do use the photo for the exhibition. Thanks!

  3. Heike

    Dear Aparna,

    on March 23, 2018 I sent you a message and so far unfortunately have not received a reply. I’ll just try it again. I am very glad that’s your photo. I would be very happy, if you could send me the picture. The page PICASA does not exist anymore.

    For the new permanent exhibition of the Museum of Asian Art in Berlin, the curator would be very happy if she could use your beautiful photo.

    If you would reply to my e-mail address: we can talk about conditions.
    That would be nice.

    All the best


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