Aayitha Ezhuthu on Kalaignar TV

I watched some parts of Aayitha Ezhuthu telecast on Kalaignar TV today. I was surprised to see that one scene was not shown on the channel. The scene right after the song, Jana Gana Mana, where a Sun TV reporter is shown interviewing Suriya after he files his nomination was the one! Was that because the reporter was shown to be from Sun TV?! :O

A few extra dialogues were shown at the end of the movie. This was not there in the movie when I watched it in theatre. When Suriya is seated in the Assembly, in the background you can hear his voice saying, ‘Idhu mudivillai. Idhu oru aarambam. Iniyoru iniyoru vidhi seivom. Vidhiyinai maatrum vidhi seivom.’

7 thoughts on “Aayitha Ezhuthu on Kalaignar TV

  1. sreekrishnan

    i heard that line in the theatre … and lot of scenes were cut.

    btw: i did notice Trisha’s Saree at the station… good one !! I also liked the other version of the Swaram (sa pa ma pa …. Fanaaa) BGMs !!

    also did you notice Esha Deol’s famous dialogue “Yosichu Solraen” Before Nenjamellam song ? … most of us find it very odd… Do find it odd ?

  2. Aparna

    I watched AE FDFS πŸ™‚ At that time, this dialogue was not there.
    Oh. Good that this was the only scene to be cut πŸ˜› I wonder why they cut many scenes….

    You remembered to see her saree? Great πŸ™‚ Hey I like that BGM too. Even the BGM when Trisha parts with Siddarth at the station is good. And so is the other version of Nee yaaro – Nee mazhai πŸ™‚

    Me too. In fact, I don’t like Esha Deol’s dialog delivery/acting in this movie. I guess she was there in the movie to prove that even Mani Ratnam can’t choose the right actors for all the roles and even he sometimes can’t make an actor act well.

  3. Siva

    I haven’t watched the movie yet..!!!!!! interestingly we were discussing about this movie this afternoon and got to know several interesting dialogues from the movie..may be i should buy a moser baer vcd/dvd ? ;

  4. Shiva

    I love that saree too.. Trisha looks awesome in AE. BTW, I heard that dialogue in the theatre too, wonder how u missed it..

    And as for ‘Yosichu solren’, Mani just slowed down her voice to sync it with the slo-mo of the scene I guess.

  5. Aparna

    Watched AE again? πŸ™‚

    Try to watch it soon. Well you can buy those vcd/dvd at your own risk πŸ˜‰


    Maybe the dialogue wasn’t there on the first show of the movie in theatre πŸ™‚ I don’t remember hearing such a dialogue at all.
    Maybe. But, I didn’t like it.


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