Aaj Main Upar

Humming this song from the movie Khamoshi is how I began the day today and a major part of the day itself had me feeling happy and in a cheerful mood that even as I am typing this post, I am singing the same song. 🙂

A pleasant weather in the wee hours of morning, the sky with some beautiful golden hues looking very gorgeous during sunrise, solving today’s kakuro in bus sooner than usual, solving a sudoku with maximum difficulty level again in about 15 min, a nice, long break with a friend, listening to my current favourites Paarthaale Paravasame and If You Wanna (from New) on repeat mode, sky with pinkish hues when the sun was setting, dinner at Eden with friends, the yummylicious Chocolate Fetish Sundae at Eden 😀 (I decided not to have ‘The Last Time Ever I Saw My Waist’ 😛 That’s an ice cream’s name there). What a good day it has been! 🙂

By the way, today is Madhavan’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Madhavan! 🙂 May he get to act in more good movies like Anbe Sivam, Evano Oruvan and Yavarum Nalam!

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