Sorry for not posting the photos of numbers for the past three days. The last time when I didn’t post the numbers for four days, I was busy. But this time I am not. I don’t know why but my photography skills has become so bad that for the past two days, I am not satisfied even with a single photo that I took. 🙁 I will try my best to post all the numbers atleast by tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “1two3ty1

  1. Ranjhith

    Ayee. I’m feeling so sad for you. Why is that u want to apologize? U write a post for this? Too bad. Makes me feel that u are in a pressure situation. This challenge is to extract-out some fun & enjoyment. To take out that dusty/dormant camera & experimenting. U do & feel good abt it. Its nothing abt pleasing anyone.

  2. daneel olivaw

    Congratulations Aparna!
    Now you have really, truly, certifiably (as if there was any doubt till now) reached the pinnacle of blogdom.
    When you have reached the point where you must write a nothing post saying you haven’t posted anything of late, you can give yourself a little pat on the back. All hail the new queen!!

  3. Aparna

    I just wanted to give the reason for not posting the photos for the past three days. I am NOT in any pressure situation. Nor am I trying to please anyone here. And it’s not as though I am going to pressurize myself into posting all the remaining photos today. I will just try if I get it right atleast today.
    In fact, I thought there would be zero comment for this post.

    Thanks for the nothing comment!

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