Sangeetha Sivakumar’s Concert at Music Academy

List of songs:
1. Mathe (Daru Varnam) – Khamas
2. Jaya Jaya – Nattai
3. Yagyatulu – Sri Ranjani
4. Maamava Meenakshi – Varali
5. Ma Ramanan – Hindolam
6. O Rangasayee – Kambhoji
7. Kamalacharane – ?
8. RTP – Reetigowlai
(Pallavi – TamarasadaLa Nethri Tyagarajuni mitri)
9. Pullaagi (viruttam) – Sahana, Hamsadhwani, Suruti
Maatrariyaada – Suruti
10. Bare Panduranga – Misra Maand

Vioiln – B.U.Ganesh Prasad
Ghatam – N.Guruprasad
Mridangam – N.Manoj Siva

Sangeetha started the concert with a very beautiful song in Khamas, Maathe. Then she went to sing all the songs in quick succession before starting with Kambhoji alapana, the raaga chosen for singing elaborately. Reetigowlai RTP and the last two songs were the ones that I liked in the concert very much. She sang the pallavi in RTP in raagas Kalyani and Kanada also.
Sangeetha’s concert was at 7.30 PM yesterday. It was very sad to see the auditorium almost empty. At the beginning of the concert, only around 100 of us were there in the balcony. By 8.30, almost half the audience had left. An hour later, around 25 of us were only there in the balcony which can actually accomodate a little more than 750 people!
One very big surprising thing in yesterday’s concert was not even a single person’s mobile phone started ringing loudly in the middle of the concert! (Till now there was not even a single concert to which I went where the mobile didin’t start ringing loudly right in the middle of the concert thereby disturbing the performing artistes as well as the others in the audience).

2 thoughts on “Sangeetha Sivakumar’s Concert at Music Academy

  1. aarathy

    Hmmm…. Kambhoji,Reethigowlai, guess i m missing out on a lot!!!
    And this is a major problem with chennai crowd, ppl wanna get bac home before 9, for whatever reason, come what may!
    And, all the best for silent kutcheris like this one!!!(tho it may happen onli if 25 genuine music lovers are there in the audi :p)


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