Concerts – Part 1

As I didn’t write about the concerts I went to for quite sometime now, here you go. I am planning to write in parts about all the concerts I went to till now. Those who are not interested in Classical music, please skip these posts!

Concerts at Music Academy:

Lalgudi G.J.R.Krishnan & Vijayalakshmi – Violin Duet on 22/12/2006
This happens to be the first concert of theirs that I am going to. Each and every song/alapana they played were so good. The raaga chosen for elaboration was Todi and RTP was in Vachaspati. I now want to go to more concerts of theirs.

Dr. N.Ramani, R.Thyagarajan & Atul Kumar – Flute Trio on 23/12/2006
The sound of three flutes and the peaceful ambience at the Academy in the morning made me enjoy the concert very much. Kambhoji (the raga chosen for elaboration) alapana was played by Ramani, Ananda Bhairavi by Thyagarajan and Lalitha by Atul Kumar. RTP was done in Keeravani, Kanada and Kapi. The only thing I didn’t like was the way in which Atul Kumar almost turned back to look at the notes he had brought and played the songs. He could have atleast kept it in front of him. The Tani Avartanam by Umayalapuram Sivaraman and T.V.Vasan, two veterans, was needless to say, superb.

Mambalam Sisters on 23/12/2006
I don’t really like the voice of either of the Mambalam Sisters but they sing quite well. The Kedaragowlai alapana and the RTP in Nalinakanti and Bhairavi were the ones I liked the most in their concert. The ease with which they shifted between Nalinakanti and Bhairavi while singing the alapana and the tanam made it very enjoyable.

Mandolin U.Srinivas & U.Rajesh on 23/12/2006
It is always a delight to hear Srinivas play the mandolin! He started the concert with Todi varnam and went on to play Sri Mahaganapthe in Abhogi, Ranjani Niranjani in raaga Ranjani, Ekambresa in Karnatka Suddhasaveri, Itinyaayama in Malavi before playing Karaharapriya, the raaga chosen for elaboration. Even the brief outlines of raagas that he played were amazing. Chakkani Raja was the kriti played in Karaharapriya. After the kalpanaswarams at the end, the pallavi was played in Nattakurunji, Bindumalini and one more raaga. The Nattakurunji & Bindumalini he played were awesome! After the Tani Avartanam which was excellent, Srinivas & Rajesh played 4 other songs before ending the concert with a Tillana. At the end of the concert I was left wishing the concert would never end!

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