Santhosha KaNNeerey/ Dil Se Re

I have always liked Santhosha kaNNeerey more than Dil Se Re. Maybe it’s because I listened to the Tamil version first. Anyway, I love the lyrics of both the songs (I like the words Santhosha KaNNeerey itself). What great lyrics that suits the mood of the song so beautifully!

Some of my favourite lines from the songs:

kalloNru thadaiseidha poadhum pulloNru pudhuvaergaL poadum
nam kaadhal adhu poala meerum

unnoadu naan kaNda bandham maNNoadu mazhai koNda sondham
kaaindhaalum adi eeram enjum

Do Patte Patjhad Ke Pedon Se Utre The
Pedon Ki Shakhon Se Utre The
Phir Utne Mausam Guzre Woh Patte Do Bechaare
Phir Ugne Ki Chahat Mein Woh Sahraon Se Guzre
Woh Patte Dil Dil Dil The Woh Dil The Dil Dil Dil The
Dil Hai To Phir Dard Hoga Dard Hai To Dil Bhi Hoga
Mausam Guzarte Hi Rahte Hain

With such a lovely lyrics having music by A R Rahman & sung by the man himself, is there anything more you can ask for?! πŸ™‚ Add to it, when the song is picturized by Mani Ratnam you can rest assured that it is a visual cum aural treat. πŸ™‚ Some parts that I like in the picturization of this song: the colours of Manisha’s costumes, Manisha’s bangles breaking in sync with the beats, Sharukh & Manisha running just as the bomb blasts behind them and the Army men run, Sharukh singing the lines ‘Do Patte Patjhad Ke….’ standing amidst patjhad ke patte! Wow!

Watch Santhosha KaNNeerey here:

17 thoughts on “Santhosha KaNNeerey/ Dil Se Re

  1. Girish

    At last my fav song πŸ™‚

    Unbelievable music and mind blowing picturisation…Much better than the popular Chaiyya Chaiyya..

  2. sreekrishnanv

    Fantastic songs … never got out of my fav list since 1999. Btw: compare Poongatrilaey and Ey Ajnabi ….

    Ey Ajnabi thoo hai Kahii awaz dhey Kahi saey

    Poongatrilaey Un swaasathai Thaniyaaga thedi Paarthaen

    Tamil hero seems to adopt a proactive approach while the other one waits for the female !! LOL !!

  3. Aparna

    >Much better than the popular Chaiyya Chaiyya..
    Not so sure about that. I like the choreography of Chaiyya Chaiyya

    LOL I never observed that!


    Welcome to my blog!

  4. Bharath

    I guess its the version which it was originally intended for which has the most impact… Same with Bombay and Roja where I liked the Tamil versions better but with Yuva and AE, both versions appeal…

    Having said that I think Dil Se is one of Rahmans three best (along with Yuva and Bombay)… Only Mani Ratnam can get such stuff from the Genius!!! The video of Dil Se Re is simply brilliant… And its one song you can *never* tire of listening!

    PS: I met the God of Cinema at Chennai airport… Again escorted him through immigration to the aircraft.. He is *unbelievably* down to earth and he was chatting so casually about his work, his sets etc… The best moment of my life, beating my meeting with Rahman!

  5. Shiva

    I like the tamil version too.. the lyrics fit in better, or atleast feel that way cos Rahman seems more comfortable singing in thamizh (or did at that point of time). Amazing song, and there’s definitely something mesmerizing about the words Santhosha KaNNeerey πŸ™‚

    You’ve reviewed probably 2 of his best ever songs back to back!

  6. Aparna

    It’s not the lyrics fitting better, but, the tune of the Hindi version is slightly different from the Tamil and lyrics do fit in properly in that too.
    Yeah nice words πŸ™‚

  7. Bharath

    Hi Aparna

    Too long a conversation – Initially I said Im a great admirer of his work and I knew his response would be his trademark smile… Then he asked where Im from and I said Im from Bangalore – Asked him why he doesnt shoot in Bangalore – He said he did (in Pallavi anu Pallavi) – But I asked him if his favourite city is Bombay.. He said he likes to shoot in Bombay but more often than not he likes to recreate Bombay in his sets… Spoke about his sets for Anjali and Nayagan, spoke about Sri Lanka being his first overseas shoot and not Turkey (for Guru), spoke about Pondicherry

    See I told you it’ll be very long… My God the Man is so down to earth!!!!!

  8. Aparna

    Wow! You got to talk so much with him?! Lucky you! πŸ™‚
    Btw, aren’t only the places that are shown when Madhavan, Simran & Keerthana travel with Prakash Raj, shot in Sri lanka or were any other scenes shot there?

  9. Bharath

    Nope apparently he just went there for half a day and shot the city and the traffic (without the actors) and used these scenes in the movie! πŸ˜€

  10. Aparna

    That’s why I asked if only the places that are shown were shot. πŸ™‚ Because, if you see the song, never will all the actors in the car and the places of Sri Lanka shown, will be shown simultaneously. I had heard earlier from someone that his assisstant director had gone to Sri Lanka to shoot some places. So, I thought Mani Ratnam himself didn’t go there

  11. Bharath

    Yep – The scenes are never shown simultaneously – Quite a clever piece of work I must admit… Compared to the number of people who go to Switzerland just to shoot a song! (Our airline was almost going to carry 20-25 people to Zurich for Sillunu Oru Kadhal)

    He said “We went to Sri Lanka” – Dont know if that meant him and his team or just his assistant director…


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