Jugni – Kaatru Veliyidai

There are those songs that start like a whiff of fresh air. Jugni is one such – the opening soft music as fresh as the air in the snowy Himalayas where the video of this song is shot!

Then those foot-tapping beats change the mood of the song. The constant dance-worthy beats all through and those intermittent exploding beats, the soft layers of short snatches of music in the background here and there – at times soothing, at times intense, but all through mesmerizing – stay with you long after this song gets over.

Then, the vocals! Punjabi & English! What are they doing in a Tamil movie and how could they fit in so aptly? And What contrasting music styles do the female and male vocal parts have and how seamlessly do they blend together to create this amazing song?!

How could only one word ‘Jugni’ sung repeatedly all through the song not appear boring even once, but can only enhance the appeal of the song!

The English lyrics of this song are so simple, yet perfectly suited to what the leading lady is going through at the time of this song.

‘You were there. You were not there!’

It is these following lines that I myself feel everytime I listen to this song. EVERYTIME !

‘Headphones blazing, rapping in my heart, dancing in my mind, singing out loud, words flow with no control. See How we Roll.’

Jugni is one of those songs that I wish never ends and every time keep listening to it on a loop again and again and AGAIN!

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