The note on the website

Now when everybody is talking about the director’s note on the website of Raavan, let’s revisit the note that was there on the website of Alaipayuthey. Check it out here in the archived website of Alaipayuthey. Follow the links below to read the notes on Karthik’s and Sakthi’s worlds too.

P.S.: To all those who got bored of this mini-series on Alaipayuthey, I’ll try to come up with posts on other topics soon!

9 thoughts on “The note on the website

  1. Bharath

    Yep remember this and there was one for Kannathil as well…

    Check out the latest 2 minute trailer and the Tamil version of Veera (preview) – Of course Rahman singing takes the song to much greater heights

  2. Dandilsa

    I am liking this series of Alaipayuthey posts. It set off a lot of nostalgic memories for me too 🙂


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